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Apple’s eWorld arrives! But since it’s the first day, we mainly report on a new PC emulator, discuss tips on improving SoftWindows performance, and review GIFConverter and El-Fish, an aquarium simulator. Check out the rumors from InterOp about Apple’s Internet software, as well as news about upcoming Mac expositions. Finally, we have a URL for a stock quote service on the Internet and some comments on last week’s article about small developers.

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According to MacWEEK, Apple's eWorld online service is here, opening its doors today to thousands of people. TidBITS should appear on eWorld officially at some point, but despite some external efforts, Apple Online Services still has yet to send us a contract

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PowerPC Native

PowerPC Native -- We received two corrections to the list of PowerPC native applications in TidBITS-230. First, Hard Disk Toolkit 1.5.1 runs only in emulation mode on Power Macs, but FWB is working on a native version

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Randy Gresham

Randy Gresham passed on a URL for a Web server that provides stock quotes. You must know the ticker symbol (AAPL for Apple), and quotes are delayed somewhere between 15 and 60 minutes

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A new PC emulator

A new PC emulator from a small Arizona company called Utilities Unlimited International can supposedly run PC software on a Power Mac at Pentium speeds

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MacUser arrives on the Internet

MacUser arrives on the Internet in the form of an email address for sending letters to the editor. The address now accepts comments about MacUser or the state of the Mac for consideration for publication

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InterOp Apple Rumors

Pythaeus passed on various rumors regarding Apple from the InterOp conference a while back, and I thought those of you on the Internet might find them intriguing. Apple was somewhat clandestinely demonstrating a DDP-to-IP gateway for the Apple Internet Router software

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Diminutive Developer Comments

Our articles about the situation for small Macintosh developers in TidBITS-230 provoked a flurry of additional comments and ideas, ranging from the viability of OpenDoc to why innovative software developers require innovation from Apple to the belief that Apple's becoming 'big business" (complete with dress codes and an unseemly emphasis on greed) is an inevitable result of doing business in a capitalist system

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Benchmarking SoftWindows

One of the problems that Apple has faced with the Power Macs is that SoftWindows doesn't always behave as you might expect a real PC-clone to behave. That's not surprising, given that SoftWindows does in software what a PC does in hardware

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GIFConverter 2.3.7

GIFConverter, a shareware program written by Kevin Mitchell , focuses on conversion of various graphic file formats to and from GIF compressed format. GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is a popular compressed graphics format for images with up to 256 colors or greyscales (8 bits of color info per pixel)

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El-Fish, The Electronic Aquarium

Tetra Press's The Aquarium Atlas claims that ten to twenty percent of aquarists leave the hobby each year. Obviously, the chore of keeping a healthy aquarium - daily feedings, monthly cleanings, and regular monitoring of water quality - is beyond a large percentage of those who would like to keep tropical fish