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This week’s top story concerns a new program called The Internet Adapter, a $25 Unix program that turns an Internet Unix shell account into a SLIP account. We also have news about RAM Doubler 1.5’s new office, details about OneWorld fax server software and certain PowerBooks, a look a program that makes it as simple as possible for users to transfer files over a modem to a service bureau, and, to round out the issue, a preview of Microsoft Word 6.0.

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Ah, to return home after an extended tour of Boston and the Northeast, complete with an ongoing bout of the Martian Death Flu. There's nothing like returning to hundreds of messages that I didn't read while on the road (mostly mailing lists, luckily) and to a foot of snail mail

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All in the family?

All in the family? Global Village tech support acknowledged recently something that confused users have been discovering: the company's OneWorld fax server software is not compatible with its software required to use a PowerPort modem in a 500-series PowerBook or PowerBook Duo

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A 4 Crabs price correction

A 4 Crabs price correction comes thanks to a few readers who wrote in to let us know that the $50 price for the 4 Crabs of Thai CD mentioned in last week's issue (TidBITS-238) was a show special only

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Made for each other

Made for each other -- Connectix announced during the Macworld Expo in Boston that RAM Doubler 1.5 (updated to support Power Macintosh and to improve performance on all Macs) will be included in every new copy of Microsoft Office from 01-Sep-94 through 31-Mar-95

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The Internet Adapter

On various different occasions I've seen postings wondering why someone hasn't written a program to enable graphical programs that normally require a MacTCP-based connection to work with a normal Unix shell account

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The Word on Word 6

The Microsoft elves are busy packaging Microsoft Word 6 for the Mac, and beta testers were just given official permission to discuss the program. I spent the last four months immersed in the beta, writing a "Microsoft Word Starter Kit" for Hayden Books. Also, in a former life, I spent about thirty months doing phone support for Microsoft, fielding calls about Word