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Fat binary versions of programs get more votes from readers in this issue, and we pass on the announcement of the latest After Dark Module Programming Contest in which you don’t even have to be a programmer to compete. Those without expandable Macs may be interested in PowerR’s video solutions, and we look at Farallon’s Timbuktu Pro, which enables you to control a Macintosh remotely over an AppleTalk network, via ARA, or over the Internet.

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The quote of the week goes to Bill Gates, who was paraphrased in a MacWEEK article in the 22-Aug-94 issue as saying that no company has produced more titles for Power Macs [than Microsoft]

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LISTSERV Reminder -- Just as a quick reminder, you can subscribe to TidBITS via an Internet mailing list (yes, this works for people on America Online, CompuServe, and so on)

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Submitting to TidBITS

Submitting to TidBITS -- I just ran into a situation that I feel bad about, and I hope this note might help matters in the future. Someone sent me email about a product he had used and liked, and several issues later, Mark independently wrote an article about the same product

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Display Card 24AC

Display Card 24AC software is now available for Power Mac users; version 1.2 of the video card driver supports Power Macintosh. Version 1.1 was compatible with Power Macintosh hardware, but ran slowly because it was 680x0 code running in emulation

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Joshua Weinberg

Joshua Weinberg writes to say that he purchased System 7.5 for $99 last Saturday at CompUSA in New York City. Although he noted that the CompUSA folks said they had gotten System 7.5 in ten days early, it sounds like it will be available for the masses soon

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Fat Binary Comments

Many people wrote in to comment on my article about fat binaries in TidBITS-240, in the process raising a few issues that I hadn't previously considered. Peter Lewis notes: The Umich archive people said they don't want two different versions at , so a fat binary is pretty much the only choice

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After Dark Contest

The deadline for this year's Berkeley Systems After Dark module contest is 14-Oct-94, and the prizes look pretty good. The contest has four categories and only one requires you to know anything about programming. In the Programming category you must program either a Macintosh module or a Windows module

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Timbuktu Pro

[Excerpted from Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh, 2nd edition.] As time goes by in the Internet world, software that once ran solely on local area networks such as LocalTalk or Ethernet is migrating to the Internet