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Find out below why Apple is a lousy lover, according to long-time developer Dave Winer. We also take a long, hard look at SCSI Manager 4.3, which could improve performance on most 68040 Macs with System 7.5 and the right applications. Mark Anbinder presents a brief bit on the Power 8100/110 and also looks at CE Software’s QuickMail Internet Access Kit. Finally, check out the new URL for our Web server, and a $199 deal on a Newton MessagePad 100.

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We very much appreciates the email condolences we've received in regard to Tonya's neck injury, and we'd especially like to thank Martin Stoermer of the University of Queensland in Australia for collecting get-well messages from lots of wonderful people on several mailing lists

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TidBITS Web Server Moves

TidBITS Web Server Moves -- Andy Williams of Dartmouth College, who runs the public TidBITS Web server recently moved it to a more capable machine to improve access and reliability

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The Newton envious

The Newton envious may want to check out a current offer from several mail-order sources (including MacConnection and MacMall) for a Newton MessagePad 100 complete with Power Organizer Pack (fax modem and some software) for $199, hundreds less than the current price for a MessagePad 110

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Better, Stronger, Faster

Director of Technical Services, Baka Industries Inc. Delivering on its promise to raise the Macintosh performance ceiling as PowerPC technology improves, Apple today introduced the Power Macintosh 8100/110

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Workgroup Internet QuickMail

The small office Internet email game is easier than before, thanks to CE Software's new QuickMail Internet Access Kit. The entry-level bundle (expected to sell for around $549) includes a ten-user QuickMail package; a Mail*Link Remote UUCP gateway from StarNine Technologies, Inc

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It’s All About Love

[One of the long-time developers in the Macintosh world, Dave Winer has written ThinkTank and MORE, among others. More recently, he founded UserLand Software and in 1992, shipped Frontier, which, according to Dave, is "AppleScript done right."] To Apple, and to the rest of the world - market share is a head-trip

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Why SCSI Manager 4.3?

One of the least well-publicized bits of semi-recent technology from Apple has been SCSI Manager 4.3, which I've seen discussed mostly in MacWEEK, primarily in Ric Ford's MacInTouch columns