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Check out this issue for tales of customer service in regard to companies like La Cie, FWB, Microsoft, MacZone, and Hayden. We also pass on everything you could want to know about earthquakes on the Internet, a NewtonGifts submission address, news of a major new FTP mirror site at, surprise, America Online, and the announcement of a FullWrite upgrade and demo. Finally, Chuck Bartosch reviews TFLX, which provides voice mail on the Mac.

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AOL Mirror Site Opens

AOL Mirror Site Opens -- America Online continues to show that it intends to be a serious member of the Internet community with its latest service, a large FTP mirror site

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FullWrite Update and Demo

FullWrite Update and Demo -- If you've never tried FullWrite 2.0, now is your chance - Akimbo Systems has released a demo version. If you already use FullWrite 2.0 or 2.0.1, now is the time to get the 2.0.2 update

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Finger URLs

Peter Lewis writes in regard to fingering for earthquake information: You can also just paste Finger URLs into Finger 1.5.0 [Peter's Finger MacTCP-based Finger client], or, if you see them in a Usenet news posting that you're reading with NewsWatcher, you can just Command-click the URL to pass the URL to Finger

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NewtonGifts Starts Up

Carsten Klapp writes: Our online service is in the process of starting up a NewtonGifts file distribution system similar to MacGifts , which forwards freeware and shareware Macintosh file submissions to an interested group of FTP sites and BBSes. If your FTP site or BBS is interested in participating, either as a re-forwarder or just as a subscriber, please contact me. Please note that this is only for Internet FTP sites and BBSes with a direct link to the Internet

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Customer Service Tales

We don't like to continually pass on tales of customer service bliss and woe, but we do receive a fair number of them, and every now and then it seems appropriate to pass on the more interesting ones. Chad Magendanz writes: I recently received 50 copies of the MacZone catalog

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A digitalNation Network

Director of Technical Services, Baka Industries Inc. digitalNation, a FirstClass-based online service operated by Computer Services Group, Inc., (CSGI) is now available locally in the Miami area and worldwide on the Internet. CSGI is one of the first organizations to take full advantage of SoftArc's new TCP/IP-capable FirstClass Server software, version 2.6, released last year (see TidBITS-252)

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Earthquake Comments

There certainly seems to be plenty of interest in earthquakes and the Internet. I received a number of requests to reprint last weeks article about earthquakes (TidBITS-261), along with a "Nice Timing!" note from Carl Bowser of the University of Wisconsin, who used the article as a handout about what could be done on the Internet for a class in "Computer Applications in the Earth Sciences." Here then, are some of the more interesting comments and pointers. Stefan Kukula writes: Thanks for your description of what you did after your earthquake