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This week begins with a bevy of MailBITS, with news of Easy View 2.6.1, Word 6.0.1, S.314 passing the Senate Commerce Committee, and more. The issue continues with important information for some PowerBook 100-series owners, information about the recently released QuickDraw GX 1.1.1, LaserWriter 8.2.2, and Network Software Installer 1.5, and PowerTalk-related files. Last but not least, we finish with Tonya’s review of three well-known Macintosh books.

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Easy View 2.6.1

Easy View 2.6.1 -- Akif Eyler has released version 2.6.1 of his popular text viewing and cataloging application Easy View. In addition to being the pre-eminent application for viewing many digest and text file formats (including setext, the format in which TidBITS is distributed), Akif has added full AppleScript support and recordability, background searching, and command-click URLs (using Akif's Get URL BBEdit extension). view-261.hqx Using Easy View 2.6.1 with the Get URL extension, you can command-click URLs appearing in TidBITS or other files, including ftp, http, and gopher links, as well as the standardized file references appearing in the Info-Mac digest

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DreamWorks Interactive

DreamWorks Interactive -- Film and media moguls David Geffen, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and Steven Spielberg - cover boys of this week's Time Magazine - went on stage March 22nd with Microsoft's Bill Gates to announce the formation of a new $30 million joint company, DreamWorks Interactive

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Interior Decor

Interior Decor -- Several people chastised us for not mentioning the $10 shareware program Decor, which does much the same thing as DeskPicture (see TidBITS-268)

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Dressing for Decency

Dressing for Decency -- A modified version of the Communications Decency Act of 1995, popularly known as the Exon Amendment and S.314, recently passed the Senate Commerce Committee and is attached to the telecommunications reform bill scheduled to go before the Senate as early as this week - despite Committee phone banks being so overwhelmed with calls that outside help had to be brought in

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Word 6.0.1 Update

Word 6.0.1 Update -- The latest news from the Word team at Microsoft has the U.S. version of Word 6.0.1 in manufacturing. Hoping to make up for the ill-will brought on by the many problems in Word 6.0, Microsoft is making 6.0.1 available at no charge to registered Word 6 owners

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Better to Rule in Hell than Serve in Heaven

Better to Rule in Hell than Serve in Heaven -- In a story that hit everything from the New York Times to National Public Radio, SATAN creator Dan Farmer and Silicon Graphics, Inc., parted company last week, in no small part due to Dan's involvement with the SATAN network security analysis program (see TidBITS-268)

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Yet More New Apple System Software

Among the system software components Apple released concurrently with the System 7.5 Update 1.0 were QuickDraw GX 1.1.1, LaserWriter version 8.2.2, the Network Software Installer "ZM" (multi-country) version 1.5, and some new PowerTalk gateways

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Heavyweight Book Bout

About once every nine months, Adam and I buy a new bookshelf. This practice seemed reasonable at first, but as our wall space fills up, we have become more selective about the books we keep