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Ready for Windows 95? Check out Apple’s response to Microsoft’s media avalanche and find out why Mick Jagger suddenly has sympathy for Bill Gates. Also in this issue, more highlights from the Boston Macworld Expo, additions to last issue’s article on FTP with AOL and CompuServe, info on where to get QuickDraw 3D, and a thought-provoking essay from Brad De Long on the realities of a wired world.

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Mick’s The Man

Mick's The Man -- I guess Bill Gates decided that the Rolling Stones song "Start Me Up" would be perfect for advertising Windows 95, since one of Windows 95's most recognizable features is a Start button on the Task Bar

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QuickDraw 3D Available from Apple

QuickDraw 3D Available from Apple -- Apple recently announced that QuickDraw 3D 1.0 - its new 3D rendering and realization software - is available online, as well as with the new Power Mac 8500 and 7500 computers and commercial rendering packages (such as Strata's StudioPro Blitz)

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Power Mac Office 4.2x Update Update

Power Mac Office 4.2x Update Update -- In TidBITS-289, I reported on questions and quirks relating to the Office 4.2x Update for Power Mac. In the article, I said that Office 4.2x Update for Power Mac, version n/a, has been updated to version 1.01

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Macworld Superlatives

At a trade show with thousands of products, it's impossible to see everything - or even all the important things. Some of these products may receive more in-depth coverage in future TidBITS issues, but we figured you'd want to hear about them sooner rather than later. Neat Paging Software -- Isn't it nice when a company tops itself? Ex Machina has done so, adding to its line of paging software with Reach Me!, a customizable utility pager users can give their friends and clients

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AOL FTP Additions

Several readers commented on our review in TidBITS-290 of AOL and CompuServe's internal FTP clients, mostly to note that AOL's recently released Web browser also provides FTP features