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Despite enjoying the festivities at a wedding until the wee hours, today we bring you another TidBITS issue, complete with a rumor of the flexible TidalWave computer from Power Computing, highlights from Developer Central at Macworld Expo, an announcement of the latest Solitaire Till Dawn, more on the new PowerPC PowerBooks, Adam’s latest Web-page discovery, and some thoughts on upgrading to System 7.5.

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Today is Labor Day, a U.S. national holiday, but we self-employed types ended up spending the day, well, working. Along with putting together this issue of TidBITS, we completely moved all of our Internet servers from our venerable SE/30 to a shiny new Apple Internet Server 6150, which means that performance should be a good bit better

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A Tsunami By Any Other Name?

A Tsunami By Any Other Name? Dyed-in-the-wool Apple fans may remember Apple's code name for the new Power Mac 8500 was Tsunami. Rumors are now circulating about a machine called TidalWave from - you guessed it - Power Computing

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A good night’s sleep

A good night's sleep can always be sabotaged through judicious use of the latest computer game, and Rick Holzgrafe knows it. He's just released version 2.1 of his $20 shareware game Solitaire Till Dawn (see TidBITS-246), offering sound effects, clever new display features, and a wonderful "magnetic mouse" option to move cards without clicking, which should reduce aggravation of repetitive stress injuries

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Exploring Developer Central at Macworld Boston

Once again Apple and MacTech Magazine teamed up to sponsor the Developer Central booth at Boston's Macworld Expo. Developer Central is nearly 7,000 square feet of the show dedicated to over thirty vendors of Macintosh developer tools. Not only is Developer Central the place to get the latest news about programmers tools, but it is also the best place to meet the people who get down and dirty with the Mac

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Rating The List

I just ran into an interesting service on the Web that I thought was worth some discussion. The List, provided by a company called Colossus, is a large list of Internet access providers around the world

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Update Madness

Most computer consultants will tell you that doing computer consulting for a living will expose you to some astonishingly weird problems. First, let me say that my first Macintosh was an SE (an old one, with an 800K drive) running System 6.0.5