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Tune into TidBITS this week to learn some hot (and unfortunate) news about PowerBook 5300-series batteries. You’ll also find Tonya expressing frustration over the missed opportunity in ClarisWorks 4.0’s HTML converter, plus info on a contest to determine the security of Macintosh-based Web servers. And if you want a vanity-plate Internet site, the world just changed: check out Glenn Fleishman’s analysis of the new charge for registering Internet domain names.

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Domain Name Registration Fees Underway

The National Science Foundation (NSF) changed the funding picture last week on one of the few remaining U.S. federally funded Internet projects. The NSF and the InterNIC's Registration Services division, which registers and maintains domain names, announced that beginning at midnight on 14-Sep-95, all new domain name registrations under its authority would cost $100 and include two years of registration