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Having problems with your new PCI Power Mac? Maybe this week’s crop of fixes and updates will help you out. Also, learn about a new commercial HTML editor, get more details on nifty digital cameras, plus read about the just-announced PowerPC Platform specification and where on the Web to find the Internet white paper Adam wrote for Apple. Finally, we round out the issue with the first part of an interview with the well-known Mac Internet developer Peter Lewis.

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A few months ago, I completed a white paper for Apple, called "Apple and the Internet: The Macintosh Advantage." If you are interested, you can now read the paper on the Web, where it appears to be identical to the paper version other than including my bio at the end

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Billions of Happy Astronomers

Billions of Happy Astronomers -- Famed astronomer and Cornell University professor Carl Sagan has reached an amicable settlement with Apple Computer in their argument over Apple's internal use of Sagan's name as a codename for a new computer model

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Java Support Planned for CodeWarrior

Java Support Planned for CodeWarrior -- Metrowerks has announced plans to ship a suite of Java development tools for the Macintosh. The Java tools will be developed in conjunction with Sun Microsystems (creators of Java), and Metrowerks expects to have an initial release by mid-1996

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Yet Another 7.5.2 Printing Update

Last week Apple released a set of printing software updates under the collective name 7.5.2 Printing Update 1.1. Don't confuse this update with version 1.0.2 of the 7.5.2 Printing Fix (see TidBITS-299); this update supersedes Apple's earlier attempts to fix printing problems on the Power Mac 7200, 7500, 8500, and 9500, and includes additional materials that may help some other Mac users. updates/US/mac/printing_sw/other_ printing_sw/7.5.2_Printing_Update_ 1.1.hqx What's Included -- 7.5.2 Printing Update 1.1 includes the following three components

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Web Weaver Goes Commercial

Web authors don't just have to keep up with new browsers and tags, they must also contend with a sometimes bewildering array of HTML tools. I'm not going to sort out that array today, but I will point out that another tool has joined the commercial arena. Best Enterprises just released World Wide Web Weaver for Macintosh 1.0

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Digital Camera Details

My articles regarding digital cameras (starting in TidBITS-297) have prompted scores of comments, including reports of newer and cooler cameras. Each time I get a new report, I think, "Enough about these digital cameras," and each time I read the note and think "Wow, that's too cool!" So, here are more details about the Ricoh DC-1 (or RDC-1, depending on who you believe) digital camera along with a note from Japan about a new single-lens reflex digital camera from NEC