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This week’s issue is a particularly serious one: we bring news of a major Internet downsizing and of TidBITS being cited under the Communications Decency Act of 1996. We review FEdit Pro and a few new Netscape plug-ins, look into an announcement of a new Newton, investigate a report that Microsoft’s testers may strike, and take a look at the new Mac of the Month club.

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Geoff Duncan No comments

Perot & Forbes to Buy Apple?

Perot & Forbes to Buy Apple? In the wake of Apple's recent financial difficulties, there has been rampant speculation that millionaire former presidential candidates Steve Forbes and Ross Perot may join forces to buy Apple Computer, perhaps to help launch a third-party presidential bid in the upcoming U.S

Tsgne .C Mada No comments

Give Back to AOL

Give Back to AOL -- A broad-based coalition of online groups has announced an Internet-wide program to thank commercial online service America Online for providing computer users with so many free disks and CD-ROMs

Rednibna Kram No comments

Star Trek fans

Star Trek fans were thrilled when an engineering firm last year introduced a "real tricorder," a handheld sensing device that records temperature, ambient light, barometric pressure, and electromagnetic radiation of a few kinds, but weren't as thrilled with the $400 price tag

Geoff Duncan No comments

My First C Compiler

My First C Compiler -- Broderbund Software has announced a new addition to its award-winning children's CD-ROM titles. "My First C Compiler" provides children ages 4 to 7 with a full, working ANSI C compiler with Macintosh Toolbox support, combined with a colorful interface and animated characters that take children through stages of designing their own applications

Tonya Engst No comments

TidBITS Staff Cited

Last week, TidBITS publisher Adam C. Engst, and TidBITS staff members Geoff Duncan and Tonya Engst were cited for the use of the phrase, "damn tootin'" in a TidBITS issue

Howard Partner No comments

Mac of the Month Club

Are you confused by the constant proliferation of new Macintosh models? Worse yet, do you suffer from Mac Envy, when three weeks after you get your new Mac a new model appears offering twice the features at half the price? Your frustrations will be gone forever when you become a member of the Mac of the Month Club

Adam Engst No comments

WebCommando Moves In

Netscape plug-ins are all the rage these days (see Jeff Carlson's MailBIT above), stuffing multimedia features galore into the overburdened Netscape Navigator browser window

Mark H. Anbinder No comments

Larger Newton Due This Spring

Just weeks after the release of Apple's latest MessagePad model, offering on-demand backlighting and on-the-fly orientation switching, sources at Apple have revealed that the company is poised to release a long-awaited larger tablet-sized model

Adam Engst No comments

FEdit Returns!

The Macintosh was treated to a blast from the past today, as startup Dogcow Software announced that it has acquired rights to the popular disk editor FEdit from its original developers