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If you’re one of the millions of Internet users perturbed by junk email, find out why it appears in your mailbox, where these people get your address, and how to deal with the situation reasonably. Also in this issue, news on 28.8 software for GeoPort users and the latest release of MkLinux, a timely essay on how software upgrades can erode customer confidence, and the first part of Matt Neuburg’s review of QuicKeys 3.5.

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MkLinux DR2

MkLinux DR2 -- Last week, Apple released DR2 of MkLinux, a version of the Linux operating system for Power Macintosh they're describing as a "beta quality" release

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Apple Telecom 3.0… Maybe

Apple Telecom 3.0... Maybe -- A common question we receive at TidBITS is "When is Apple going to release the 28.8 Kbps version of the GeoPort software?" We've been just as confused about this software as everyone else, but lately some consensus is emerging among public and private sources

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A Bad Case of Upgraditis

Matt Neuburg's article on Now Utilities 6.5 in TidBITS-345 touched on an issue that is fast becoming a serious flaw in the way software is sold. The concept of "upgraditis" is infecting more and more software companies and threatens the stability, usability, and long-term value of software. It used to be you could count on a major upgrade of a software program once every two or three years

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Those Bulk Email Blues

If you've been on the Internet for any length of time, the odds are excellent that you've received unsolicited email announcements and advertisements. These messages vary widely: one day you might receive information about a get-rich-quick scheme, the next an ad for an Internet service provider