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Need help organizing ideas? Check out Matt Neuburg’s review of Inspiration 5.0, a diagramming and outlining tool. Also in this final issue of 1997, Adam examines the numbers behind the Apple Store to see how it contributes to Apple’s bottom line, plus we bring news of a potential 56K modem standard, an update to last week’s digital camera article, and pointers to locating the MacPicasso video card noted in our holiday gifts issue. See you in 1998!

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Last Issue for 1997

Last Issue for 1997 -- We're taking the next two weeks off for the holidays, so look for the next issue of TidBITS on 05-Jan-98. Since we will be spending time with family and friends, none of us will be checking email regularly

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Meet the TidBITS Editors

Meet the TidBITS Editors -- In my "Eudora Tips & Tricks" article in TidBITS-405, I promised to be at the Peachpit Press booth at Macworld Expo in San Francisco next month

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Plug & Play Web Sites in NetBITS

Plug & Play Web Sites in NetBITS -- If you missed the last two NetBITS issues, check them out for a two-part article by Peter Kent on how to add snazzy features like chat rooms, shopping carts, and CGIs to your Web site without a stitch of programming

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Rare MacPicasso Unearthed

Rare MacPicasso Unearthed -- After reading last week's Holiday Gifts issue (TidBITS-409), several readers inquired about contact information for purchasing a MacPicasso 516 video card

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56K Standards Wars Waning?

56K Standards Wars Waning? Last week, the companies embroiled in the war for 56 Kbps modem standards reached a tentative agreement on a 56K technology that may become the official standard

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AutoShare 2.0 Released

AutoShare 2.0 Released -- Mikael Hansen has released AutoShare 2.0, the latest version of his free mailing list manager and email auto-responder. AutoShare is small, speedy, fully scriptable, and compatible with Eudora Internet Mail Server and Stalker Internet Mail Server

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Pixel Perfect

Pixel Perfect -- Following Arthur H. Bleich's articles about choosing a digital camera (see TidBITS-407 and TidBITS-408), several sharp-eyed readers called attention to the fact camera resolution specifications were stated in terms of pixels per inch (ppi), when in fact they should be stated just in pixels

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Apple Store Reality Check

Apple's much-ballyhooed online Apple Store posted impressive-sounding results in its first month of operation. However, although there's no question that the Apple Store has been an online success, how much of a difference can it make in Apple's overall financial situation? The day after the Apple Store opened, Apple claimed it did $500,000 of business in 12 hours, and last week Apple issued a press release trumpeting that the Apple Store did $12 million of business in its first month of operation