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Does the iMac make you see spots? Does the iBook remind you of a lunchbox? Is the Power Mac G3 a blue meanie? Apple’s gaudy Macintosh designs might not appeal to all, but they’ve certainly put the Mac back in the (ahem) limelight. Also this week, Matt Neuburg reviews CE Software’s venerable macro utility QuicKeys, we note the release of Mailsmith 1.1.4, and we tell you what Jesse James, Willie Sutton, Robespierre, and Adam Engst might have in common.

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Mailsmith 1.1.4 Enhances Interface

Mailsmith 1.1.4 Enhances Interface -- Bare Bones Software has released a free update to Mailsmith 1.1.4, its powerful $80 email client. Version 1.1.4 revises Mailsmith's composition panes, and mailboxes can now be sorted (and have their columns resized) independently of the Mail Browser

Adam Engst No comments

The Story of a Mistaken Attribution

The Story of a Mistaken Attribution -- In TidBITS-490, I paraphrased the famous saying about robbing banks because "that's where the money is." Unfortunately, in a bit of sloppy writing in a hotel room at 2 AM, I incorrectly attributed it to Jesse James. As I've now learned from numerous messages, the quote is more commonly attributed to Willie Sutton, another famous bank robber who died in 1980

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QuicKeys 4 Presses My Buttons

Back in 1988, when Microsoft Word couldn't search and replace styles, a Classics student of mine named Adam Engst (what ever became of him?) put me wise to a solution involving macro automation, using CE Software's QuicKeys

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A Case for Color

Apple's recent iBook announcement has reinvigorated discussion of Apple's hardware designs, with a focus on Apple's use of color, although Apple isn't the only computer maker to ship machines in non-neutral colors