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Use Eudora? Thinking about using Eudora? A detailed look at the unusual features in the just-released Eudora 5.0 anchors this week’s issue, and Kirk McElhearn returns to BookBITS with a review of Newton’s Telecom Dictionary. New releases include BBEdit 6.0, Default Folder 3.0.7, and VSE Link Tester 3.1, and we report on the surprising results of last week’s poll on 68K Macintosh usage and present a vocabulary quiz for this week’s brain tester.

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VSE Link Tester 3.1 and Wet Noodles

VSE Link Tester 3.1 and Wet Noodles -- In last week's issue, we mentioned VSE Link Tester 3.0, an upgrade to the utility for verifying Web site links (see "Tools We Use: Link Tester" in TidBITS-537 for an overview of the program)

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Poll Results: 68K or Bust?!

Poll Results: 68K or Bust?! Plenty of people still use older Macs built using the 68000 processor line, ranging from the once-mighty Quadra and IIfx down to the SE/30, Mac Plus, and even the original 128K Mac

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Quiz Preview: Less is Moire

Quiz Preview: Less is Moire -- As an evaluation of your knowledge of computer terms before you run out to buy a copy of Newton's Telecom Dictionary, reviewed by Kirk McElhearn below, this week's quiz is a "which one of these terms isn't like the others" test made famous by the children's television program Sesame Street

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BookBITS: Telling the Bits from the Bytes

The speed of technology engenders not only growth in computer performance, but also in the number of words we use to talk about it. Computer terminology may not approach the doubling in chip performance that occurs every 18 months according to Moore's Law, but it can feel like that at times