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Just when you think Apple has cornered the market on cool (with the PowerBook G4 Titanium), they up the ante by releasing the tiny iBook (Dual USB). Which would you choose? In local news, the Washington State Supreme Court upholds the state’s anti-spam law, which reminds us: what ever happened to TidBITS’s spam suit? Also, we pass on news of an AppleScript worm, a Microsoft Word macro security fix, and a Handspring rebate, plus we welcome Sustainable Softworks as a new TidBITS sponsor.

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Sustainable Softworks Sponsoring TidBITS

Sustainable Softworks Sponsoring TidBITS -- We're pleased to announce our latest TidBITS sponsor, the network utility company Sustainable Softworks. Best known for their IPNetRouter program, which turns almost any Mac into a feature-rich network router, Sustainable Softworks also makes other useful utilities like IPNetMonitor, which helps you test and troubleshoot network connections and IPNetTuner, which enables you to tweak Open Transport's internal settings

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Spam Damned in Washington State

Last week, the Washington State Supreme Court unanimously struck down last year's ruling from King County Superior Court Judge Palmer Robinson that Washington State's anti-spam law was unconstitutional

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iBook or TiBook?

What would you do if you could exchange some work for either a shiny new PowerBook G4 Titanium or Apple's latest portable wonder, the iBook (Dual USB)? It's not an easy question, since both Macs induce excessive levels of drool, but it's one I'm going to try to answer in this article