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The top news this week is the proposed settlement in the Microsoft antitrust case – will it meet your needs? Adam also looks at a new service from Internet payment service Kagi that’s aimed at helping fans support their favorite artists. John Moltz joins us with some opinions on iPod-enabled piracy, Tonya previews a new utility from Microsoft, and we examine Apple’s new support options. In the news, we pass on video evidence of Apple’s next iDevice (think TiVo), and tell you of a new email filtering service from the SpamCop folks.

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GramCop Filters Poorly Written Email

GramCop Filters Poorly Written Email -- Tired of reading email that's rife with spelling and grammatical mistakes? Concerned that the rise of quick email and instant messaging has caused writing skills to deteriorate to the point of incomprehensibility? Thanks to a new service from the people who brought you SpamCop, you can restrict incoming mail to those messages that the senders care enough about to have checked spelling and basic grammar

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Apple Offers Savvy Support Options

You've undoubtedly been in this situation before. Something goes wrong with your Mac, you work through the standard troubleshooting, search the Internet for additional information, try a few additional wacky ideas, and finally call Apple's technical support

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iPod: Pirates’ Delight?

You may not know it, but there's a scandal brewing around the iPod. According to a recent article at Wired News, the iPod is being used to steal software right from under the noses of computer store employees

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Microsoft AutoGadget Formats the Finder

Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit, clearly looking for a new direction after last year's release of Office v.X, today announced AutoGadget, a Mac OS X-only utility that brings a bevy of Microsoft's automatic editing and formatting tools to the Finder

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Mac Mania Geek Cruise Meets the Love Boat?

It's looking as though this May's upcoming Mac Mania Geek Cruise could be even more interesting than previously thought. Sure, Woz will be there, talking about the history of the Apple II and showing off the sheets of uncut $2 bills with which he loves to tweak cashiers

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Kagi Helps Fans Support Artists

We've been writing a lot about issues surrounding copyright and just how artists (of all sorts) can earn a living in this digital world, where so many of the barriers to copying and sharing content have fallen by the wayside