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Switching to a new email program is a harder decision than swapping other software – Matt Neuburg explains why Mailsmith 2.0 is the email client for him. Also, Adam questions IDG’s Macworld Expo policy barring children under 13, and Jeff Carlson reveals how to use iDVD 3 on Macs without SuperDrives. We also note the releases of Palm’s Tungsten T2, BBEdit 7.0.4, Griffin’s iTrip Station Finder, and Steve Wozniak’s new wOzNet wireless network.

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Palm Tungsten T2 Improves on Original

Palm Tungsten T2 Improves on Original -- Last November, Palm's Tungsten T marked a new beginning for the handheld maker. Thanks to its a bright color screen, capacious memory, fast processor, and Palm OS 5, the Tungsten T proved innovation was still possible for Palm following several years of humdrum activity (see "Tungsten T Marks New Beginning for Palm" in TidBITS-655)

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BBEdit 7.0.4 Released

BBEdit 7.0.4 Released -- Bare Bones Software has released BBEdit 7.0.4, a bug fix update that the company recommends for all owners of its flagship text editor, BBEdit 7.0

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iTrip Station Finder Released

iTrip Station Finder Released -- When Travis Butler reviewed Griffin Technology's iTrip, a $35 FM transmitter that works with the iPod to play music over any radio, he gave the device high marks for design and ingenuity, but noted that it was sometimes difficult to find a clear frequency, especially in urban areas (see "Taking an iTrip: Three FM Transmitters" in TidBITS-681)

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wOzNet: Wheels in the Sky Keep on Tuning

wOzNet: Wheels in the Sky Keep on Tuning -- After co-founding Apple Computer and teaching computer skills to fifth graders, what's next for Steve Wozniak? Last week Woz took the wraps off wOzNet, the project his new company, Wheels of Zeus (wOz), has been working on for the past 18 months

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Using iDVD 3.0.1 on Non-SuperDrive Macs

A few weeks ago, Apple released iDVD 3.0.1 Update, an apparently minor patch that provides, in Apple's brief description, "improved performance and stability for encoding, burning, and managing your iDVD projects." (The updater is a 4.1 MB download.) What Apple didn't mention at the time, but recently revealed in a Knowledge Base article, is that the update makes it possible to run iDVD 3 on any Macintosh with a PowerPC G4 or G5 processor - not just Macs with a built-in SuperDrive, as previously required

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True Confessions of a Mailsmith Switcher

Email clients are a lot like dogs. Why? Well, for one thing, their owners are in constant denial. The unfortunate passerby may have the dog's teeth embedded in her shin, with blood running down her leg - the owner will still look her right in the eye and deny that the dog is biting her