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Do you own a Mac and a Bluetooth-capable cellular phone? Read Joe Kissell’s review of Salling Clicker to learn how you can control your Mac from the phone in some ingenious ways. If text is more your style, Matt Neuburg slings praise in his review of Hog Bay Notebook. Also this week we see the releases of Snapz Pro X 1.0.8, Dejal Simon 1.2, a Photoshop plug-in that optimizes Photoshop for the now-shipping Power Mac G5s, and AirPort antennas from MacWireless.

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Snapz Pro X 1.0.8 Tweaked

Snapz Pro X 1.0.8 Tweaked -- Ambrosia Software has released Snapz Pro X 1.0.8, the latest version of their screenshot and video capture utility. Enhancements include a different method of pausing processes for screenshots that's compatible with iTunes 4 and new Macromedia products, Internet version checking, Panther compatibility, performance improvements, and more

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AirPort Antennas from MacWireless

AirPort Antennas from MacWireless -- Want to increase the range of your AirPort or AirPort Extreme network? The Mac-savvy wireless company MacWireless is now selling a number of directional and omni-directional antennas that connect to graphite and snow AirPort Base Stations (MacWireless points at the necessary surgical instructions for these two, which weren't designed to have antennas added) and AirPort Extreme Base Stations with antenna connectors

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Salling Clicker in Action

When Apple first announced Bluetooth support in Mac OS X, I thought it sounded like an interesting and useful technology, but one I probably wouldn't experience anytime soon, since I couldn't justify the cost of replacing my existing peripherals, PDA, or cell phone with Bluetooth-enabled models

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