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iMovie expert Jeff Carlson offers advice on how to get the most from iMovie 3, including workarounds for a few of iMovie’s most annoying problems. Adam chimes in with a comparison of a pair of wireless gateways from Asante and Linksys. In the news, we report on the Apple Corps trademark suit against Apple Computer, Adam’s upcoming speaking engagements, and the releases of a Panorama V preview, PageSender 3.1, PowerMail 4.2 and iView MediaPro 2.0.

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Hey Jobs, Don’t Make It Bad!

Hey Jobs, Don't Make It Bad! Apple Corps, Ltd., the management company formed by the Beatles in 1968 and now jointly owned by Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono, and the estate of George Harrison, reportedly filed suit in a British court on 04-Jul-03, once again accusing Apple Computer of trademark infringement

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PageSender 3.1 Adds Fax Scheduling

PageSender 3.1 Adds Fax Scheduling -- Don't want to wait for Panther's fax capabilities, or worse, wait only to find out they aren't what you need? Check out Smile Software's PageSender 3.1, an update to the company's Mac OS X fax software that integrates into Print dialogs

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Panorama V Goes Native

Panorama V Goes Native -- ProVUE Development has released a public preview of the Mac OS X-native version V of its flagship database program, Panorama, last reviewed in "Seeing the Light with Panorama" in TidBITS-606

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Adam Speaking at Kansas City MacCORE

Adam Speaking at Kansas City MacCORE -- On Wednesday, September 17th, at 7:00 PM, I'll be speaking about wireless networking (and any other Mac-related topics we have time for) at the monthly meeting of the Kansas City MacCORE Macintosh users group

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Adam Keynoting O’Reilly Mac OS X Conference

Adam Keynoting O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference -- This appearance is a bit further out at the end of October, but since you'll need time for travel and hotel plans, I thought I'd also mention that I'm giving a keynote address titled "Panther Report Card" at the second O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference (see "Mac OS X Report Card: October 2002" in TidBITS-650 for last year's grades)

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Comparing Asante and Linksys Gateways

My first wireless gateway was a graphite AirPort Base Station that served us admirably when we lived in Seattle, but when we moved to Ithaca, its coverage area couldn't quite reach Tonya's office, and because my cable modem had to plug into its single Ethernet port, it could provide only wireless coverage

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iMovie 3 Tips and Gotchas

iMovie has become something of an odd duck in the Macintosh world. When Apple first introduced iMovie in 1999, the notion of easily editing digital video on a consumer Mac wasn't an easy sell

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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/15-Sep-03

Eudora 6 comments -- Eudora 6's new spam-catching capabilities generated lots of questions and answers, as did problems with Eudora's extremely helpful way of opening Web pages in the background when their URLs are Command-clicked