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As the hubbub of Macworld Expo recedes, we turn to more reflective topics, with Glenn Fleishman’s book review of Revolution in the Valley, Andy Hertzfeld’s collection of stories from the early days of Apple and the Macintosh. Matt Neuburg also contributes a look at why Rogue Amoeba’s Audio Hijack Pro is even more useful than it might initially seem. News is slow this week, with coverage of Pepsi trying once again to give away tracks in the iTunes Music Store, and an update to Entourage 2004’s junk mail filter.

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Pepsi Tries Again with the iTunes Music Store

Pepsi Tries Again with the iTunes Music Store -- After last year's botched promotion in which Pepsi put codes for free songs from the iTunes Music Store under the caps of 100 million bottles of soda, only 5 million of which were redeemed by consumers, Apple and Pepsi are trying again

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Microsoft Updates Entourage Spam Filter

Microsoft Updates Entourage Spam Filter -- Microsoft has released Junk E-mail Filter Update 1 for Microsoft Entourage 2004 via the package's Microsoft AutoUpdate utility (if you've set it not to check automatically, choose Help > Check for Updates from any Office 2004 application to launch AutoUpdate)

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Continuous Revolution

Andy Hertzfeld has stories to tell. Dozens of them. And if you ever owned a 128K Macintosh, aspired to own one, or admired the work behind that extraordinary box, Hertzfeld's new book Revolution in the Valley is a charming and picaresque trip through his personal experience in helping give birth to the Mac. The book is an outgrowth of Hertzfeld's Web site, which he started in July 2003 to relate the pieces of the past that have never been told, or at least not told at length

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Why Go Pro (Audio Hijack Pro, That Is)

Rogue Amoeba's Audio Hijack Pro is a great program, but it seems to me that the developer's own Web pages fail to explain exactly why. The conceptual difficulty is that Audio Hijack Pro occupies two niches at once - it does two quite different things

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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/24-Jan-05

The second URL below each thread description points to the discussion on our Web Crossing server, which will be much faster. New WireTap vs Audio Hijack Pro Thread -- Readers compare two popular programs used to record streaming Internet radio and other audio on the Mac