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April 15th is just around the corner, which turns Jeff Carlson’s mind to the financial software necessary to finish his taxes: not Quicken, but Moneydance. The topic of Internet faxing continues from last week, with recommendations for other services and software, and a DealBITS drawing for PDFpenPro, which lets you eliminate paper from a back-and-forth fax process. Finally, Geoff Bronner reviews the Monster iCarPlay Wireless FM transmitter. In the news, Adam and Matt Neuburg pass on news of upcoming conferences, and Sync Buddy 2.0.1 now backs up Palm OS handhelds under Mac OS X.

Jeff Carlson No comments

Sync Buddy 2.0.1 Syncs Palms and Mac OS X

Sync Buddy 2.0.1 Syncs Palms and Mac OS X -- Back in the early days of the PalmPilot, Florent Pillet released Palm Buddy (later renamed Sync Buddy), a Mac OS program for backing up data from a Palm OS handheld by opening an active connection between the two machines

Matt Neuburg No comments

Scripting by the Bay, Redux

Scripting by the Bay, Redux -- For those who need to acquire or hone AppleScript skills, Shane Stanley and Ray Robertson will once again be leading their wonderfully intensive AppleScript Pro sessions, 02-May-05 through 06-May-05, in beautiful Monterey, California

Adam Engst No comments

ADHOC 2005 Speakers: Hubbard, Doctorow, Ihnatko

ADHOC 2005 Speakers: Hubbard, Doctorow, Ihnatko -- I'm once again planning to speak at ADHOC 2005 (previously known as MacHack), but my interest in attending just went up even more upon learning that the ADHOC committee has lined up some great people to speak at the three midnight sessions, including Jordan Hubbard, Apple's manager of the Darwin core of Mac OS X, and Cory Doctorow, science fiction author, blogger, and European Affairs Coordinator for the EFF

Adam Engst 5 comments

Even More Fax, Ma’am

My article last week about setting up an account with MaxEmail to receive faxes in email (see "Replacing eFax with MaxEmail" in TidBITS-774) generated a number of suggestions from readers for other services.

Adam Engst No comments

An Unusual Use for Panorama

I'm in the process of cleaning up some LetterRip Pro-based mailing lists in preparation for moving them to Web Crossing, and in doing so, I was faced with the age-old problem of determining which bouncing addresses to remove

Geoffrey V. Bronner No comments

An FM Transmitting Monster

I finally added a third generation 15 GB iPod to my gadget collection last year. I don't have a long commute but since my wife and I often drive more than two hours to visit friends around Boston or New York, I wanted to get an FM transmitter to use the iPod on road trips