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As the world waits with bated breath for Tiger (4 more days!) and we put the finishing touches on our Take Control ebooks about Tiger, we managed to find the time for another beefy issue of TidBITS. Adam looks at NoteBook 2.0, Jeff Carlson examines a slew of Mac mini-related Web sites, Glenn Fleishman contributes a retrospective of the just-merged Adobe and Macromedia, and Matt Neuburg relates the story of how his iMac G5 went up in smoke.

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DealBITS Drawing: MaxSleeve and iProtect Winners

DealBITS Drawing: MaxSleeve and iProtect Winners -- Congratulations to Peggy Russell of and Michael Bobek of, whose entries were chosen randomly in last week's DealBITS drawing and who each received a MaxSleeve and iProtect from MaxUpgrades, worth up to $38.98

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Adobe Swallows Macromedia

It's taken 20 years, but the graphics application industry is down to two remaining companies from the early days. Adobe announced its plan to acquire Macromedia last week in an all-stock transaction valued at $3.4 billion

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Mac mini Inspires Web Sites

Looking at the Mac mini's technical specifications alone, the computer sits firmly in the middle of Apple's computer offerings - it's essentially an eMac without the monitor, keyboard, or mouse

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A Shiny New NoteBook

A few weeks back, Circus Ponies released version 2.0 of their elegant note-taking and snippet-keeping application NoteBook, significantly improving the program in key areas

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iMac G5: Up In Smoke

This is the story of how my iMac G5 joined the legion of machines that recently have spontaneously failed, and how the problem was resolved. I purchased my 20-inch iMac G5 at the end of November, and was deliriously happy with it from the start

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Take Control News/25-Apr-05

We're completely on track to release all four of our Tiger titles simultaneously with Tiger itself, and we've come up with yet another reason to upgrade - by getting one of the ebooks for free. "Take Control of Upgrading to Tiger" Free with Tiger Purchase -- It's a safe bet that almost everyone who buys "Take Control of Upgrading to Tiger" will also be ordering Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger itself