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We’re still recovering from our Tiger-related efforts, so this week brings you a variety of shorter articles. Adam solves a Tiger-related iPhoto crash, Glenn looks at NetNewsWire 2.0, the trend toward 2 GB webmail accounts, and what’s happened to Fontographer in the wake of the Adobe/Macromedia merger. Adam also reviews a GPS-enabled cell phone that provides spoken driving directions. In the news, Yahoo launches a music subscription service, and Apple both releases a new video editing component and settles a lawsuit with rapper Eminem. This week’s DealBITS drawing: 3 months of VPN service from!

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DealBITS Drawing: Stock WatchTower Winners

DealBITS Drawing: Stock WatchTower Winners -- Congratulations to Eric Wisti of, Galen Mayfield of, J. Mojsiak of, Larry Phelps of, and Rod O'Brien of, whose entries were chosen randomly in last week's DealBITS drawing and who each will receive a copy of Stock WatchTower from WillStein Software, worth $49.95

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DealBITS Drawing for

I've talked in the past about determining how worried you should be about security with an emphasis on wireless security: it comes down to determining the likelihood of attack, the liability of having your network accessed or your data stolen, and the cost in time and effort of achieving the level of security you'd like (see "Wireless Security Needs: The Three L's" in TidBITS-725)

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NetNewsWire Lite and Pro 2.0 Released

The folks at Ranchero Software have released the latest version of NetNewsWire, an application that aggregates news from Web sites that use any version of RSS (Really Simple Syndication and other expansions) and Atom to publish the latest items on a given page or section

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Yahoo Swaggers Into The Music Subscription Fray

Last week, Internet behemoth Yahoo took the wraps off Yahoo Music Unlimited, its entry into the online music subscription market. For Mac users, Yahoo Music Unlimited is just another party to which we aren't invited, since it only supports recent versions of Windows and, in fact, doesn't even let music from its subscription service play on iPods

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Two Gigabytes or Bust

It's all about the Gmail. Google continues to control the vertical and horizontal for nearly everything they touch, and Gmail's upgraded capacity of 2 GB of free email storage has set the target for other companies that want some of that sweet, sweet ad revenue from people who use webmail instead of their ISP's service

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Fontographer Spun to Fontlab

The Adobe/Macromedia merger isn't even near completion, and already a product has spun off (see "Adobe Swallows Macromedia" in TidBITS-777). The hoary and lovely Fontographer type design program will be licensed by Macromedia (which acquired it along with Altsys in 1995) to Fontlab, the software's only real competitor

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Take Control News/16-May-05

"Take Control of Upgrading to Tiger" Updated to Version 1.0.1 -- When we released the 1.0 version of this ebook simultaneously with Apple's release of Tiger, we knew that we'd be doing a fast update - important new information always comes to light during the first few days after the release of a major operating system