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Apple began shipping the Intel-based iMac, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini computers months earlier than expected, and now they’ve done the same with the high-end Xserve – boasting processors from Intel rival AMD; Geoff Duncan has the specs and analysis. Also in this special issue, Jeff Carlson notes new marketing campaigns by FedEx and UPS, Glenn Fleishman reports on the miniPLUS super-accessory for the Mac mini along with a way to run Classic on Intel chips, Adam unearths details on the little-known AJRP, and Joe Kissell announces "Take Control of Your Daily Life." Lastly, this issue marks the start of a new delivery option as well as the premiere of the TidBITS Video Podcast, and we regretfully announce that Joe is moving on from TidBITS.

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TidBITS Predelivery Service

TidBITS Predelivery Service -- Why are you receiving TidBITS today? Well, we know that our readers want the most timely Macintosh information, and now we've come up with the best method to deliver it to you

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Apple Converts Xserves from PowerPC to AMD

When Apple announced in June 2005 it was planning to transition its Macintosh computer line to Intel-based processors, the entire Apple community was aghast: a move away from PowerPC would be a historic turning point for the company and its flagship computers

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FrankenClassic Lives!

Those who forget the past are condemned to emulate it. Apple's announcement last year that the company would cease selling PowerPC-equipped Macintoshes also meant the end of Mac OS 9's lingering remnant, the Classic compatibility environment. The Classic environment requires a PowerPC processor in order to run Mac OS 9 in a little prison in which programs can behave within certain parameters

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FedEx, UPS Add Vehicle Jingles

In a marketing move that hearkens back to summer days of yesteryear, FedEx - currently Apple's primary overnight delivery vendor - announced that starting today all of its commercial vehicles will broadcast a distinctive musical tune while making package deliveries

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Take Control of Your Daily Life

Having recently published my ninth Take Control ebook in two and a half years, I finally had to admit that my productivity is slipping. While that level of output may seem prolific to some, my own standards are higher; in the 2004-2005 season of my Interesting Thing of the Day site, for example, I published an article of up to 1500 words every single day (while also writing ebooks and magazine articles, of course); I also wrote an entire novel during the month of November

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Uncovering the AJRP

While preparing for this past Macworld Expo in San Francisco, a number of us journalists found our requests for media passes denied by IDG World Expo, whose representative claimed that the new policy was to allow only a single representative from each media outlet access to the keynote