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Who are you? We asked, you answered, and this week Adam starts looking at the results of our reader survey! Adam also takes the Nike+iPod Sport Kit for a run and realizes that serious runners might want to leave it at the starting line. Also in this issue, Apple releases iTunes 7.1 in anticipation of the Apple TV, Adobe announces an announcement date for Creative Suite 3, Glenn Fleishman buys a Windows Vista-equipped laptop for testing purposes and offers his first impressions of the competition, and Adam examines SonicLiving, a Web site for tracking your favorite artists. Lastly, if you’re feeling a bit behind due to last weekend’s Daylight Saving Time changeover in the United States, make sure you check out a short list of patches and fixes.

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iTunes 7.1 Prepares for Apple TV

Apple has released iTunes 7.1, an update that doesn't appear to offer much on the surface, but incorporates compatibility with the upcoming Apple TV. A new Apple TV section in the preferences displays Apple TV units that have been authorized to work with iTunes

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SonicLiving Links Musical Resources

Thanks to our EFF buddy Fred von Lohmann for a pointer to SonicLiving, a Web site that offers a service similar to the iConcertCal iTunes plug-in we covered recently (see "iConcertCal: Your Gig-Going Pal," 2007-03-05)

Glenn Fleishman No comments

Opening My Vistas

I just bought a new laptop with Windows Vista pre-installed, and, hey, I kinda like it. As I dodge flaming arrows from regular TidBITS readers, let me note that it's not my main computer nor intended to be; that I've been using the Mac platform since 1985; and that I currently own something like five working Macs

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Nike+iPod Only for Fitness Runners

I've been putting off this review, because it doesn't thrill me to warn even a subset of people away from a popular product. But that's exactly what I have to do - in short, although the Nike+iPod Sport Kit can be a fun addition for anyone who runs with an iPod or wants a bit more encouragement to run, competitive runners shouldn't bother with it

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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/12-Mar-07

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