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Matt Neuburg 3 comments

Witch 3.5 Knows Window Switchcraft

If you have a bazillion windows open on your Mac's screen, a simple utility, Witch from Many Tricks, may be the window-switcher you've been missing.

Charles Maurer 42 comments

What’s Wrong with Digital Cameras

Charles Maurer describes a fundamental problem with today's digital cameras, provides some insight into a professional's approach to photography, and reviews two small cameras that he recently bought.

Charles Maurer 23 comments

How Not to Buy a Digital Camera

Many publications review digital cameras but they don't tell you as much as they seem to. Charles Maurer explains the problems with these reviews and suggests a different approach to buying cameras.

Digital Ain’t Film: Modern Photo Editing Charles Maurer No comments

Digital Ain’t Film: Modern Photo Editing

We've been living with digital cameras for years now, but when editing digital photos, we're still largely imitating the effects and manipulations that were developed in the days of film. That's no longer necessary. In this article, Charles Maurer explains an intrinsically digital approach to photography that doesn't mimic film processes or require pixel-by-pixel manipulations.

Adam Engst


As has been the trend of late, this issue focuses on the iPhone and MobileMe, and aside from the fact that the iPhone is now available in 43 countries around the world, the news isn’t…

Adam Engst


Apple made more than a billion dollars in profit during the last financial quarter, but is that all? Due to the way the company books iPhone revenue, much of the device’s earnings are still to…

Charles Maurer No comments

Wine with Bento

After checking out some dedicated programs, Charles Maurer settles on FileMaker's new list manager Bento for managing his wine cellar.

Jeff Carlson No comments

Aperture 2.1 Adds Plug-in Capability to Edit Photos

Apple has released Aperture 2.1, which features an architecture that enables developers to create plug-ins for editing images. One plug-in, Dodge & Burn, is included with the update.

Charles Maurer No comments

Cataloging Photos and Storing Them on the Computer

Digital photography lets us shoot thousands of images, but keeping track of them is a growing concern. Charles Maurer looks at programs that enable you to apply keywords and other metadata to your photos so you can find them easily later.

Matt Neuburg No comments

Transparent Menu Bar, Die Die Die!

The transparent menu bar has fallen, a victim of hackers' ingenuity. Users, rejoice!

Adam Engst


If you’re wondering why Mac writers get twitchy when Apple goes quiet for a few months, last week’s deluge of product announcements provides the answer. At a special press event on Tuesday, Apple CEO Steve…

TidBITS Staff No comments

Leopard Compatibility List Updated

Curious about what programs have been updated for Leopard? Look inside for a list of the important or interesting programs that specifically claim Leopard compatibility.

Adam Engst


It’s hard to believe that it has been three years since the first Take Control ebook, but our current catalog of 44 titles doesn’t lie. Adam looks at how this grand experiment is going (well!)…

Adam Engst


Just when you thought Eudora might never be updated, we have surprising news: the venerable email client is becoming an open-source project built on Mozilla’s Thunderbird. Read on for details, staff commentary, and a MacNotables…

Adam Engst


Happy holidays! We head into our holiday break with an issue packed with enough content to last you through the end of the year. Looking ahead, we share where you can find us at Macworld…