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The End

When it comes right down to it, the world is weird, and I hope we're all having a good time. Thanks for your support. Adam C. Engst & Tonya Byard, TidBITS Editors

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I completely forgot to put this in even though Mark reminded me of it. March 17th marked the first annual SPUD, or Shareware Pay Up Day. On SPUD, you go through your software collection and send in all outstanding shareware payments to those dedicated programmers who provide us with excellent programs

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Having a sporadic section has worked out well with our recently introduced MailBITS, so we're introducing another section, called TechnoBITS. Here you'll find little bits of information about new and emerging technologies (real ones, this week) that don't warrant a whole article. Intel recently showed a prototype 100 MHz version of its 80486 chip at the International Solid State Circuits Conference

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Triple Helix?

Double Helix has the honor of being one of the first and most popular Macintosh database packages. The program has had many changes over the years, few of which I've seen, since I started working with the program last summer

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SoftPC Moves Out

Insignia Solutions is not sitting still with its SoftPC emulation software. Earlier this month, Insignia began shipping a new version of SoftPC tailored for use with the older and less powerful Macs, the Plus, Classic, SE, Portable, and LC

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SentientNET, Part 2

Yup, we made up almost the entire article (other than the bit on SchoolTalk - can anyone give us more information on that?) last week on SentientNET. Nothing in our April Fools Day issue is impossible and a lot of it would probably be a good idea

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Apple Does Windows

Apple has begun to step down from its ivory tower, or perhaps it's being pulled down by gravitational market forces. As much as the Classic is selling like hotcakes (pretty soon you'll be able to buy Classics in department stores and roadside diners - I'm not entirely kidding on that first one), Apple still has a ways to go before it's installed base can compare with the base of Windows-capable machines

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Drive 2.4 Details

Rapport / Drive 2.4 Kennect Technology 120A Albright Way Los Gatos, CA 95030 800/552-1232 408/370-2866 KENNECT on America Online Rating: 9 Penguins out of a possible 10 Summary: -- The combination of Rapport and the Drive 2.4 provides read/write compatibility with most 3.5" disk formats as well as several special formats, such as 2.4 MB Mac HFS disks

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Seen on an envelope from MacConnection recently: "Rush. Dated material. Dated for freshness. Blind dated. Updated. Open immediately. Open really soon

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A Whole New Ball Game

We've heard that, in an unexpected move, IBM plans to purchase Lotus Corp. IBM isn't telling how much it will pay, but we're betting that it will be an obscene amount of money, considering that Lotus is one of the largest software companies after Microsoft

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Clone Cubed

This is weird. We heard of a new computer from small startup company in Texas called TechnoWizards. Well, OK, that's not so weird. What's strange about this particular machine is that it's a hybrid, which accounts for its name, the Hybrid/3

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Piggyback Portable

We've all been waiting for Apple to announce a 68040 Mac and a lighter, faster portable. Well, it looks like the wait will soon be over, but there is an unanticipated twist

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Most everyone is in favor of networks these days. But current networks are quite stupid - they're nothing more than pipes through which information flows

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DeskWriter Problems

The Hewlett-Packard DeskWriter is a wonderful printer, combining 300 dpi print quality with street prices under $800. We even have a waterproof ink for it at long last! But a few other problems have recently cropped up

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Microsoft Treading Antitrust Waters?

Last week the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced that it will begin a non-public investigation of Microsoft for allegedly crippling Windows 2.1 in favor of OS/2