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Josh Centers 3 comments

OmniFocus 2 for Mac Brings a Fresh Look to GTD

When it comes to the Getting Things Done productivity system, few can match OmniFocus, but the six-year-old Mac app had begun to show its age. OmniFocus 2 brings a fresh look and some welcome iOS features.

Matt Neuburg 29 comments

How I Got an iPod shuffle — and Liked It!

The iPod shuffle is ridiculously tiny and simple, and Matt Neuburg doesn’t want to shuffle anything. Nevertheless, it was his best choice as a running companion. It was also his only choice.

Matt Neuburg 60 comments

Mysterious iOS 6 Cellular Data Usage: A Deeper Look

The tales of unwanted cell data usage in iOS 6 grow ever more numerous and ever more alarming. Even though we can’t put our finger on a single cause, the problem is plainly all too real, and, for some users, all too costly.

Adam Engst 13 comments

Examining iBooks Author from the Publisher Perspective

With all the fuss over the iBooks Author license agreement, what has been missed is that Apple is focusing the entire initiative on the education market, which is rather different from the publishing world in general. As one of those publishers left out in the cold, Adam may not like it, but he explains how what Apple is doing makes sense for Apple.

Matt Neuburg 10 comments

Meanwhile, Back at the Lion Ranch…

Things have been so busy since Apple released iCloud, iOS 5, and a new iPhone last week, you may have forgotten that the company also updated Lion. Here’s a quick look at the major changes wrought by Mac OS X 10.7.2.

Matt Neuburg 3 comments

Lion Awakens Three Sleeping Utilities

Three favorite utilities that seemed to be headed for the PowerPC graveyard under Lion have been rewritten by their developers. Happy days are here again!

Joe Kissell 24 comments

Nisus Writer Pro 2.0: The Review

After years of lagging behind its Classic predecessor, Nisus Writer Pro is back with a vengeance. Joe Kissell puts version 2.0 through its paces and makes some surprising discoveries.

TidBITS Staff 6 comments

TidBITS Staffers Recall How They Got Their Starts

Some TidBITS editors have written for the publication for nearly its entire history, while a few are relative newbies - this means you, Rich Mogull and Doug McLean. The staff peers into the past to remember how they were sucked into this venture, and what it has meant to them.

Glenn Fleishman 17 comments

Cartoons Reveal DRM Frustrations

A pair of cartoons about the frustration with DRM-protected content appeared recently to explain why ordinary folks become pirates in order to get at legitimate content.

Matt Neuburg 9 comments

EagleFiler Turns a Finder Folder Into a Snippet Keeper

Got miscellaneous data to search for? You've organized your files into folders and you still can't find the right one? Let EagleFiler add searching, tagging, and annotation. Problem solved.

Adam Engst 17 comments

“If Monks Had Macs” Available for Free

The groundbreaking multimedia project "If Monks Had Macs" is now available for free download. Take a look, and if you have some spare bandwidth, help seed the torrent file.

Matt Neuburg No comments

OmniFocus Willing, But Not Quite Ready, To Help Get Things Done

OmniFocus is the best Macintosh expression of the Getting Things Done life-management technique Matt Neuburg has ever used. More than once, it has extricated him from a logjam of pending tasks. So why does he feel that it's not quite ready for prime time?

Jeff Carlson No comments

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/05-Nov-07

This week in TidBITS Talk, readers bat Leopard issues back and forth, asking about issues of compatibility with older programs and reporting some early bugs and questions.

Adam Engst No comments

DealBITS Drawing: A Sharp’s Opal

I introduced last week's DealBITS drawing for Rogue Amoeba's Fission audio editing program by talking about how good it was to see simple, focused programs returning to a field after the major applications had become more complex than was desired by many early users

Matt Neuburg No comments

Acta Reborn as Opal

Users of Symmetry Software's Acta outliner - which was my favorite outliner back in 1993 (see "Inspiration 4.0: Outliners and Me," 14-Jun-93), although I never formally reviewed it - will be delighted to learn that its original developer, David Dunham, has rewritten it from the ground up as a Cocoa application and has released the result as Opal