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Software Watchlist – Mac App Updates

Doug McLean No comments

Logic Pro 9.1

Improves compatibility and support for 64-bit mode and fixes a long list of minor bugs and issues. ($499 new, free update, 191.14 MB)

Adam Engst No comments

Apple Remote Desktop 3.3.2

Improves reliability in a number of situations, addresses incorrect reporting, and enhances compatibility with third-party software. ($299 new, free update, 4.21 MB client/51.41 MB admin)

Adam Engst 4 comments

Radioshift 1.5.2

Supports many new streams, easier installation of third-party players, better error handling of faulty streams, fixes numerous small bugs. ($32 new, free update, 11.2 MB)

Doug McLean No comments

Typinator 3.7

Offers faster performance, can pause and resume text expansion, and improves installation process, (€19.99 new, free update for purchases within 2 years, 3 MB)

Adam Engst No comments

Bonjour Update 2010-001

Improves communications between iTunes and Apple TV. (Free, 959K)

Doug McLean No comments

DocHaven 4.2

Introduces the capability to zip files, add User profile photos, and further customize Groups. ($40 per user new, free update, 18.3 MB)

Doug McLean No comments

Firefox 3.5.7

Addresses several bugs, including one that could prevent users from noticing major updates to the program. (Free, 17.6 MB)

Adam Engst 2 comments

BusyCal 1.1.2

Resolves several crashing bugs, fixes a minor issue with birthday events, and tweaks the Decade date range in List View. ($40 new, free update, 6 MB)

Doug McLean No comments

HoudahSpot 2.6.2

Includes new Add Group toolbar items, a Search Location service, enhanced features in grid view, and fixes several bugs. ($30 new, free update, 2.3 MB)

Doug McLean No comments

Corel Painter

Improves the transformation tool, copy and paste capabilities, color management for secondary monitors, and CPU load during idle times. ($369 new, $169 upgrade from earlier versions of Corel Painter, free update, 103 MB)

Doug McLean No comments

BusyCal 1.1.1

Resolves issues with Google sync, fixes several crashing bugs, and improves Bonjour and Google network efficiency. ($40 new, free update, 6 MB)

Doug McLean 1 comment

Things 1.2.8

Fixes bugs that could cause syncing problems, program freezes, or crashes. ($49.95 new, free update, 8.3 MB)

Doug McLean No comments

WireTap Anywhere 1.0.6

Enhances compatibility with PowerPC-based Macs running Tiger and improves input meters. ($129 new, free update, 12.5 MB)

Doug McLean 2 comments

27-inch iMac Graphics Firmware Update 1.0

Addresses flickering and image corruption in 27-inch iMac displays. (Free, 683 KB)

Doug McLean No comments

Keyboard Maestro 4.0.1

Fixes slow typing speeds when simulating keystrokes, a crashing bug affecting Leopard users, and a bug that could cause multiple engines to run at once. ($36 new, $18 upgrade from 3.x, free update, 7.6 MB)