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Software Watchlist – Mac App Updates

Zoom 5.6.4 Agen Schmitz 1 comment

Zoom 5.6.4

Adds the Vanishing Pen annotation tool and the Immersive View feature. (Free, 24 MB, macOS 10.9+)

Acorn 7.0.3 Agen Schmitz No comments

Acorn 7.0.3

Maintenance update with improvements and bug fixes for the recently upgraded image editing app. ($39.99 new, free update, 19.2 MB, macOS 10.14+)

Airfoil 5.10.3 Agen Schmitz No comments

Airfoil 5.10.3

Updates the Audio Capture Engine to upgrade its sample rate converter and improve drift correction. ($29 new, free update, 34 MB, macOS 10.13+)

BBEdit 13.5.6 Agen Schmitz No comments

BBEdit 13.5.6

Reduces the amount of time required to start a multi-file search of a collection of discrete files. ($49.99 new, free update, 18.7 MB, macOS 10.14.2+)

EagleFiler 1.9.4 Agen Schmitz No comments

EagleFiler 1.9.4

Improves the Import ENEX File command to handle invalid XML generated by Evernote 10. ($40 new, free update, 31.4 MB, macOS 10.12+)

Safari 14.1 Agen Schmitz 6 comments

Safari 14.1

Enables you to customize the Start Page section order and addresses a number of security vulnerabilities. (Free, various sizes, macOS 10.15+ and 10.14+)

Pixelmator Pro 2.0.8 Agen Schmitz No comments

Pixelmator Pro 2.0.8

Adds support for LUT files, enabling you to edit the colors of images using color presets created in other apps. ($39.99 new, free update, 305 MB, macOS 10.14.4+)

Security Update 2021-002 Catalina and 2021-003 Mojave Agen Schmitz 6 comments

Security Update 2021-002 Catalina and 2021-003 Mojave

Patches security vulnerabilities in Catalina and Mojave. (Free, various sizes, macOS 10.15.7 and 10.14.6)

Live Home 3D 4.0.1 Agen Schmitz No comments

Live Home 3D 4.0.1

Major new release for the interior and exterior home design software adds support for M1-based Macs and brings improved Metal-based rendering. ($29.99 new, free update, 426 MB, macOS 10.12.6+)

Fantastical 3.3.8 Agen Schmitz 3 comments

Fantastical 3.3.8

Brings a variety of improvements and bug fixes to the calendar app. ($39.99 new, free update, 41.7 MB, macOS 10.13.2+)

TextExpander 6.8.4 Agen Schmitz No comments

TextExpander 6.8.4

Maintenance update with bug fixes for the text expansion utility. ($40 annual subscription, free update, 40.5 MB, macOS 10.14+)

DEVONthink 3.7 Agen Schmitz No comments

DEVONthink 3.7

Brings extensions to Markdown handling, including simple WYSIWYG editing. ($99 new, free update, 132 MB, macOS 10.11.5+)

Alfred 4.3.3 Agen Schmitz 2 comments

Alfred 4.3.3

Updates the Mac-based keyboard-driven launcher's companion Alfred Remote iOS app. (£23 new, free update, 4.7 MB, macOS 10.11+)

1Password 7.8.1 Agen Schmitz 8 comments

1Password 7.8.1

Maintenance release with bug fixes and improvements for the password manager. ($64.99 new, free update, 71.5 MB, macOS 10.13+)

Agenda 13 Agen Schmitz No comments

Agenda 13

Improves navigation speed with added keyboard navigation and filtering support. (Free with $24.99 premium purchase option, 65.7 MB, macOS 10.12+)