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Software Watchlist – Mac App Updates

Lex Friedman No comments

VMware Fusion 3.1.1

Introduces experimental support for vSphere 4.1 and corrects bugs related to iSight, audio recording, and more. ($79.95 new, free upgrade, free trial available, 434 MB)

Lex Friedman 3 comments

Things 1.3.5

Corrects several crashing bugs, fixes an issue where iCal calendars disappear, and addresses a slew of other niggles. ($49.95 new, free upgrade, 8.0 MB)

Lex Friedman 8 comments

Office 2004/2008 Security Updates

Microsoft's latest patches address security vulnerabilities in Excel and Word.

Lex Friedman 1 comment

Pear Note 2.0

Overhauls the interface for the multimedia note-taking software, introduces Web sharing, and lets you adjust the speed of audio playback. ($39.99 new, free upgrade, 5.0 MB)

Lex Friedman No comments

ScreenFlow 2.1.2

The latest version of the powerful screencasting application increases the time limit for YouTube videos and corrects several other issues with exporting video. ($99 new, free update, 8.2 MB)

Lex Friedman 1 comment

Interarchy 10.0.1

Introduces plug-ins and the iFTP technology, adds Google Storage support, and more. ($49.95 new, $29.95 upgrade, 7.7 MB)

Adam Engst No comments

Digital Camera Raw Compatibility Update 3.3

Adds support for eight new cameras. (Free, 5.68 MB)

Lex Friedman 2 comments

Snapz Pro X 2.2.3

Ambrosia Software's popular tool for creating screenshots and video captures scored a minor update to address several crashing bugs. ($69 new, free update, 10.8 MB)

Lex Friedman No comments

Retrospect 8.2

Makes network backup performance up to three times faster, adds 64-bit support to handle backups of volumes with "tens of millions of files", and more. ($129 new for up to three users, free update, free trial available, 258 MB)

Lex Friedman No comments

BBEdit 9.5.1

Fixes a host of bugs, including scripting issues, file management quirks, and more. ($125 new, free update, 16.4 MB)

Doug McLean No comments

1Password 3.3

Improves support for Dropbox, adds support for Firefox 4 beta versions and Camino 2.0.3, and enhances 1PasswordAnywhere capabilities to include search, copy, and auto-lock. (Free, 26.3 MB)

Doug McLean No comments

Wiki Server Update 1.0

Addresses issues related to user authentication, wiki group calendar access, and migrations from Leopard Server. (Free, 26.3 MB)

Doug McLean 8 comments

Firefox 3.6.8

Addresses a long list of minor technical stability issues and fixes several critical security vulnerabilities. (Free, 17.6 MB)

Doug McLean No comments

iTunes 9.2.1

Fixes bugs related to first-time syncs, upgrading to iOS 4, and drag-and-drop capabilities. (Free, 101.82 MB)

Doug McLean No comments

ChronoSync 4.1 and ChronoAgent 1.1

Add new scheduling behaviors and options, email notifications of missed syncs, wake-on-LAN capabilities, and improved performance. ($40/$10 new, free updates, 20.7/3.1 MB)