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Apple Adds Chat Support to AppleCare Web Site

The AppleCare site has been streamlined, with a new option to get support via chat in addition to phone and in-person.Show full article

Protect Your Privacy with “Take Control of Your Online Privacy”

It’s an unfortunate fact that your online activities and information are being tracked and analyzed at all times, sometimes in ways that don’t benefit you at all. There’s no way to have complete privacy on the Internet, but with Joe Kissell’s advice in “Take Control of Your Online Privacy,” you can gain perspective on why online privacy is such a difficult problem, consider your privacy risks, and develop a sensible online privacy strategy.Show full article

Ebook Customers Receive Price-Fixing Settlement Letters

Those who have purchased ebooks from Apple’s iBookstore and those who have purchased ebooks from Amazon have begun to receive price-fixing settlement notification letters, though the money — such as it is — may be a long time coming.Show full article

Apple TV Updated with New Channels, Netflix Profiles

A number of new capabilities have arrived on Apple TV, including content from Disney, the Smithsonian Channel, Vevo, and the Weather Channel, plus profiles for individual Netflix users.Show full article

Bypassing the Cloud with Transporter

Connected Data’s Transporter device lets you sync and share files, and even access them from an iOS device, without using cloud storage. Joe Kissell tested it and found that it works as advertised, but isn’t for everyone.Show full article

FunBITS: Blackbar Offers Trenchant Word Puzzle

Inspired by the revelations of NSA spying programs, Blackbar is an iOS word puzzle built around ████████ through obscurity.Show full article

TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 2 September 2013

Notable software releases this week include ChronoSync 4.4.1, KeyCue 6.6, GraphicConverter 8.8, and ClamXav 2.5.Show full article

ExtraBITS for 2 September 2013

Our own Josh Centers appeared on the Tech Night Owl Live podcast to discuss Steve Ballmer’s retirement from Microsoft and the future of the Apple TV. Apple is now accepting iPhone trade-ins, but is it a good deal? We also look at a number of security vulnerabilities in the Mac, iOS, Dropbox, and Android, and explain why Amazon dominates retail while Apple is the favorite of patent trolls. A clever modder makes a mini Mac (not a Mac mini!), businesses are excited about Google Glass, and the popular online RSS reader Feedbin goes open source.Show full article

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