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Aspyr Media Sponsoring TidBITS

Aspyr Media is leading publisher of games for the Mac, and a longtime supporter of the Apple community. Please give them a warm welcome to TidBITS!Show full article

Use Time Machine with the 802.11ac AirPort Extreme Base Station

The long-standing prohibition against Time Machine backing up to a USB hard drive attached to an AirPort Extreme Base Station has quietly disappeared with the 802.11ac model released in June 2013. So quietly, in fact, that Apple hasn’t even updated a support document warning that such a setup isn’t supported.Show full article

FileMaker 13 Gains a Smooth New Web Presence

The just-released FileMaker 13 introduces a new approach to publishing databases on the Web and provides a slew of new mobile layouts for the free FileMaker Go iOS app.Show full article

Chapter 6 of “Take Control of Apple TV” Available

In the “Apple TV at the Movies” chapter of “Take Control of Apple TV,” Josh Centers offers tips for controlling video playback, buying and watching videos from the iTunes Store, and playing local video. He also provides instructions for ripping your DVDs with HandBrake, adding metadata with iFlicks, and importing into iTunes. Bonus topics include merging multi-disc movies, ripping Blu-ray discs, and managing all this data on an external hard disk. Show full article

Seven Geek Gift Guides for 2013

Looking for some help finding that perfect present for the geek on your list? Or perhaps you need some ideas for your own list? We look at seven technology-inspired gift guides to aid in your holiday shopping.Show full article

Support TidBITS in 2014 via the TidBITS Membership Program

Our membership program played a major role in keeping TidBITS vibrant in 2013, but we still need help covering the costs of writing, editing, development, and hosting in 2014. If you’re not already a TidBITS member, please join today!Show full article

Are We Ready for the Post-Snowden Internet?

Revelations from classified documents acquired by Edward Snowden are showing us how mobile technology and the open Internet have been co-opted into history’s largest government surveillance network. Is there any way to “take back the net,” or will national powers start breaking up the Internet into separate fiefdoms?Show full article

FunBITS: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for iPad

How well does the classic Star Wars role-playing game work on the iPad? Read on to find out.Show full article

TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 9 December 2013

Notable software releases since our Thanksgiving hiatus include Apple Remote Desktop 3.7.1, Sandvox 2.8.7, 1Password 4.1.1, BBEdit 10.5.6 and TextWrangler 4.5.4, ScreenFlow 4.5, Piezo 1.2.3, Airfoil 4.8.2, Fission 2.2, Marked 2.2, Nisus Writer Pro 2.0.7 and Nisus Writer Express 3.4.6, Fantastical 1.3.11, DEVONagent 3.6, DEVONthink and DEVONnote 2.7.2, and KeyCue 7.1.Show full article

ExtraBITS for 9 December 2013

We’re back from Thanksgiving break (sorry for forgetting to warn you of our week off!) with a heaping helping of ExtraBITS. Google has made it easier to move away from Gmail and Google Calendar, President Obama revealed that he’s not allowed to have an iPhone, the value of enterprise hard drives has been questioned, and developer Matt Gemmell explains why one device doesn’t fit all. Apple’s restrictions are putting a chokehold on Smile’s TextExpander touch, there’s a new guide to writing on the go, an Esquire reporter broke the rules of Google Glass to see what would happen, and we have more behind-the-scenes stories from Apple Geniuses.Show full article

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