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Apple Reissues iOS 9.3 for Older Devices; Links Remain Problematic

Apple has reissued the iOS 9.3 update for older iOS devices due to an activation bug, but a bug affecting Web links remains.Show full article

AT&T Adds International Support to Wi-Fi Calling

Not content to let Verizon Wireless catch up in the Wi-Fi calling space, AT&T has expanded its Wi-Fi calling service so it works for customers traveling outside of the United States.Show full article

Chapter 4 of “Take Control of Slack Basics” Available

Sending a message in Slack is simple, to be sure, but you’ll still want to read this chapter from Glenn Fleishman’s serialized book to learn about message editing and deletion; formatting messages; referencing others, including links and images, reacting to messages; and much more.Show full article

Restricting Your Cell Carrier’s Use of Your CPNI Data

Adam Engst explains those inscrutable email messages from AT&T about CPNI, and suggests that opting out would be sensible. For those using Verizon Wireless or Sprint, similar options are available.Show full article

With tvOS 9.2, the Fourth-Generation Apple TV Hits 1.0

The tvOS 9.2 update brings many much-requested features to the fourth-generation Apple TV, such as Home screen folders, Bluetooth keyboard support, voice dictation, iCloud Photo Library with Live Photos, and more.Show full article

The Power of Preview: Cropping and Resizing Images

In the latest installment of our exploration of Preview, OS X’s built-in document and image viewer, we delve into Preview’s editing capabilities, explaining how to crop and resize files, plus how to recover from unwanted changes.Show full article

TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 28 March 2016

Notable software releases this week include Quicken 2016 for Mac 3.2.1, Skype 7.24, LaunchBar 6.6, Tinderbox 6.5, Moneydance 2015.7, Security Update 2016-002 (Mavericks and Yosemite), Safari 9.1, and OS X Server 5.1.Show full article

ExtraBITS for 28 March 2016

In ExtraBITS this week, we focus on Apple’s battle with the FBI. The breaking news is that the case seems to be over, with the Department of Justice withdrawing. Before that, the judge in the case said that the court order demanding Apple provide a backdoor to the iPhone was likely unenforceable, which might have caused the government to pull out rather than face losing in court. Finally, science fiction author Charles Stross ponders whether the Apple/FBI fight over privacy is an indication that Apple is looking to open its own bank.Show full article

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