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Josh Centers Talks Apple TV to the Northwest of Us User Group

TidBITS Managing Editor and “Take Control of Apple TV” author Josh Centers was invited to speak to the Chicago-area user group The Northwest of Us. In this in-depth recorded session, Josh discussed some reasons why Apple users should consider the Apple TV, took audience questions, and speculated about the future of Apple TV.

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Josh Centers Talks Apple TV, WWDC on Ask TUAW Live

Josh Centers swapped between his “Take Control of Apple TV” author and TidBITS managing editor hats while joining hosts Shawn “Doc” Boyd and Kelly Guimont on the Ask TUAW Live podcast to discuss what’s next for Apple TV, what Apple will announce at WWDC, the TidBITS workflow, and security tips.

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Amazon Fire TV Turns Up the Heat on Apple TV

Amazon has released its long-rumored challenger to the Apple TV, and it’s a doozy. Josh Centers, author of “Take Control of Apple TV,” gives the rundown on how it stacks up.

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Apple TV 6.1 and Remote 4.2 Bring Welcome Interface Improvements

The latest Apple TV update makes it easier to hide apps, and an update to Remote adds controls for iTunes Radio and purchased iTunes content. Josh Centers, author of “Take Control of Apple TV,” has the details.

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Apple Updates iOS and Apple TV to Fix Critical SSL Security Bug

Apple has released a fix for a long-standing critical security vulnerability in iOS and Apple TV, but Mac OS X remains vulnerable.

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The Future of Apple TV

Since releasing his “Take Control of Apple TV” book, Josh Centers has frequently been asked for his thoughts on the future of Apple’s living room business. He shares his speculations here.

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FunBITS: Silver Screen Brings Your Video to Apple TV

Silver Screen is a Web-driven Mac app that makes it easy to play video in any format on your Apple TV. “Take Control of Apple TV” author Josh Centers takes a look.

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Watch Josh Centers Discuss Apple TV on MacVoices

TidBITS managing editor Josh Centers, author of the just-released “Take Control of Apple TV,” joined host Chuck Joiner on the MacVoices podcast to talk about the book. Josh tells you all about what he covers in the book, and then he and Chuck discuss the Apple Remote, the addictive qualities of AirPlay, trying to teach family members how to work a home theater, and things Josh learned about the Apple TV while writing the book, before discovering that they’re “keyboard brothers.”

Adam Engst 9 comments

“Take Control of Apple TV” Now Available to Everyone

After several months of streaming its chapters to TidBITS members, we’re pleased to announce the general availability of “Take Control of Apple TV” by Josh Centers. With Josh’s help, you can go far beyond watching movies and TV shows to make the Apple TV into the hub of your stereo system, display gorgeous slideshows of your photos, play iPhone and iPad games on the big screen, and more.

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The Beatles Come Together, Right Now… on Apple TV

For a limited time, Apple has added a channel to the Apple TV for The Beatles, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the band’s first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. The channel features video of the original performance, and links to purchase Beatles albums.

Josh Centers 2 comments

Take Control of Apple TV, Chapter 11: Do More with Apple TV

Feeling mischievous? Just a little geeky? In this final chapter of “Take Control of Apple TV,” Josh Centers shows you how to take your Apple TV beyond what Apple intended, in three ways: playing video from otherwise unavailable sources via the Plex media management system, recording live TV to your Mac with an Elgato EyeTV HD and then showing it on the Apple TV, and getting around DNS-based region restrictions.

Adam Engst 2 comments

Chapter 11 of “Take Control of Apple TV” Available

For the most part, what you can do with the Apple TV is what Apple intended to let you do. But what if you want more? What if you want to serve all your video from a Mac or NAS and view it on the Apple TV, without involving iTunes? What if you want to record live TV and watch it on your Apple TV? In this final chapter of “Take Control of Apple TV,” Josh Centers turns you on to the Plex media management system and how to use an Elgato EyeTV HD to send recorded TV to your Apple TV.

Josh Centers 3 comments

Take Control of Apple TV, Chapter 10: Play Games on Apple TV

The Apple TV may not have been intended as a gaming device, but thanks to AirPlay Mirroring, the combination of an iOS device and an Apple TV can make for a surprisingly compelling gaming experience. In this chapter of the in-progress "Take Control of Apple TV," Josh Centers describes some iOS games that are optimized for the Apple TV and offers some tips on how to reduce AirPlay latency.

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Chapter 10 of “Take Control of Apple TV” Available

Apple may not have designed the Apple TV for gaming, but clever iOS developers have created games meant to be played on the big screen by levering AirPlay. In the latest chapter of “Take Control of Apple TV,” Josh Centers shines a light on those games, and offers tips for avoiding buzz-killing lags.

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Take Control of Apple TV, Chapter 9: Present with Apple TV

Thanks to its capability to connect to a variety of display devices, including projectors and SMART Boards, and its support for AirPlay, the Apple TV makes an excellent helper when it comes to giving presentations. In this chapter of “Take Control of Apple TV,” Josh Centers explains what hardware and software you’ll need to turn your Apple TV into a presentation machine for Keynote from an iPad, when demoing an iPhone app, or even bringing in a remote guest.