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Tonya Engst No comments

Twitter Turns Out to be Fun and Useful

Who knew that Twitter turns out to be both fun and useful - I'd been curmudgeonly about it for months. But with some judicious setup, I've become a Twitter convert.

Glenn Fleishman No comments

Apple Store Security Breached in Seattle: Mission Impossible Edition

The Apple Store in Seattle's University Village mall suffered a security breach - through the roof! Thieves broke in and stole laptops that were left for repair, which will be a bummer for those who didn't heed Apple's advice to back up computers before service

Adam Engst No comments

Apple Keyboards Compared

Want to see how the new low-profile Apple Keyboard compares to a variety of other keyboards from Apple's past? Check out Blake Peterson's image gallery showing the new keyboard next to the Apple Lisa Keyboard, the Mac Plus keyboard, the Newton keyboard, and others

Mark H. Anbinder No comments

Call Me ‘Two Finger’ Mark

I've been using a Mac for 20 years, and a mouse for even longer. Clicking is second nature to me. For the last 13 years, I've been using trackpads, on laptops and even as external devices