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Matt Neuburg 28 comments

Freeware Coolness Crushes iCal Shortcoming

How Matt Neuburg's reluctance to switch to iCal was overcome with the help of some really cool free software.

Matt Neuburg No comments

A Weird and Wasteful Ad Campaign From Extensis

So you think you want to be a software reviewer? If you knew the stuff we had to put up with sometimes, you might change your mind.

Matt Neuburg 5 comments

Google Groups on the Fritz

When you're as pervasive as Google, even a slight glitch can be a nightmare for users and for your public image. That's the case with a Google Groups problem that has surfaced recently.

Matt Neuburg 16 comments

Transferring Vinyl LPs to Digital: One Approach

So you have a collection of LPs and you wish you could listen to them in iTunes or on your iPod? Or you'd just like to preserve the music in digital format so you can listen without a needle touching the vinyl? Here's one user's inexpensive, speedy approach.

Matt Neuburg 27 comments

Snow Leopard’s Creator-Code Snubbing Now Official

Apple's documentation at last officially admits that, in Snow Leopard, creator codes are ignored when deciding what application owns a document.

Matt Neuburg 7 comments

How to Fix Snow Leopard’s Finder-Copying Bug

Certain files can't be copied from one computer to another via File Sharing in Snow Leopard. The cause of the bug has to do with permissions on symlinks. Here's how to detect troublesome symlinks and fix them.

Matt Neuburg 89 comments

Snow Leopard Snubs Document Creator Codes

In an undocumented and unannounced change, Snow Leopard has stifled an application's ability to mark a document as its own, thus hampering users and developers alike.

Matt Neuburg 16 comments

Cause of Font Cache Bug Revealed?

Ever see your browser suddenly displaying nonsense? That's the Mac OS X font cache corruption bug. Apparently, a major cause of the corruption has been found.

Matt Neuburg No comments

How to Reformat a New External Hard Disk

The printed instructions for how to reformat a new disk are usually wrong; here's the right way.

Matt Neuburg No comments

ClickToFlash Spiffs the Safari Experience

A free Safari plug-in makes pages load faster by turning Flash content into Flash-on-demand.

Mark H. Anbinder No comments

iPhone Gets Short End of SlingPlayer Stick

Nearly a year after we got to see a working proof-of-concept app, Apple has finally let SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone and iPod touch into the App Store. The long-awaited handheld app from Sling Media allows Slingbox owners to enjoy whatever's on their television, but only via Wi-Fi, not on cellular networks such as AT&T's 3G network.

Adam Engst No comments

Beware the GPS Thieves

As Adam and Tonya discovered first-hand on a recent trip to New York City, the latest trend in car-related theft revolves around the increasingly popular GPS devices from the likes of Garmin, Magellan, and TomTom. Don't let it happen to you.

Mark H. Anbinder No comments

Apple Quietly Improves Low-End MacBook

Without fanfare, Apple has improved the specs of the white MacBook, the low-end $999 white polycarbonate laptop that remains in the product lineup alongside its shinier aluminum cousin. Most notably, the low-end laptop now features Nvidia GeForce 9400M graphics, a dramatic upgrade from the Intel integrated graphics of earlier models.

Joe Kissell No comments

Log In to Me

During a bout of insomnia, Joe Kissell cleverly slid his MobileMe email address into a song recorded ten years ago.

Matt Neuburg No comments

Fix Your Clicks With Klicko

In the switch to Mac OS X, what's the worst change, overall, that Apple made to the interface? It's clickthrough. At long last, here's a utility that blocks it.