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DNS Clients Have Small Vector of Risk after Patch

The SANS Institute finds that Apple's patch for a flaw in the DNS protocol doesn't fix client resolver software, leaving Macs vulnerable to a far-less-likely outcome.

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Apple Finally Fixes DNS Flaw and ARDAgent Vulnerability

Install Security Update 2008-005 now! Apple has finally released a security fix for a serious DNS flaw that's being exploited in the wild. The update also includes fixes for other serious vulnerabilities.

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Apple Claims MobileMe Mail Fully Restored

Apple says that its MobileMe mail outage for 1 percent of users has been resolved, and archived messages restored.

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MobileMe Status Page Promises Updates, But Tone Rings Flat

Apple's veil of secrecy remains largely intact in a non-apology that provides information for MobileMe users whose stored email is unavailable.

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MobileMe Repairs Itself for Little Old Me

Apple tweaks something and my home Address Book starts to sync.

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MobileMea Culpa: Apple Apologizes and Explains Tiger Situation

The MobileMe transition didn't go smoothly, and Apple admits as such in an email to its subscribers. Money talks, so Apple's adding 30 days to all subscriptions and trials as part of the apology. Plus, they won't call their desktop sync software "push" until it really pushes changes.

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MobileMe Fails to Launch Well, But Finally Launches

Apple biffs its transition from .Mac to MobileMe, with the Web interface mostly dead for two days. They planned this wrong from the start, and botched a difficult move. But it eventually kicked into gear.

Jeff Carlson No comments

Mac OS X 10.5.4 and Security Update 2008-004 Fix Bugs

Mac OS X 10.5.4 is out, with fixes for a variety of bugs, many of which are in iCal, though the recent ARDAgent security vulnerability remains open. We suspect that the update was prompted by the fix that resolves problems with saving and reopening Adobe CS3 files on remote servers.

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Microsoft Needs to Empty Windows Trash, Reboot

Mr. Ballmer, tear down this operating system! Seriously: you have virtualization software. Vista is bloated, but not bad. Don't make Windows 7 continue to carry the water for 15 years of old, sometimes bad decisions. Just a suggestion.

Joe Kissell No comments

Discovering Sparse Bundle Disk Images

A new disk image format introduced in Leopard is backup-friendly, because it doesn't require huge files to be backed up when only a small change has occurred. Now we just need more developers to catch on.

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Making AppleCare Worthwhile: MacBook Pro Battery Replacement

Buying AppleCare with a new Mac can seem like an unnecessary extra cost, but for Jeff, AppleCare's replacement of his MacBook Pro's weak battery made the service worthwhile.

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Firefox 3 Bounds Forward

Firefox 3, the latest version of the Web's second most popular browser, looks like a significant upgrade, with features like bookmark tags and increased performance making Adam wonder if it deserves to be his default browser.

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QuickTime 7.5 Addresses Security Concerns, iMovie and iDVD Updated

Apple has released QuickTime 7.5, which fixes a number of security issues, along with iMovie 7.1.2 and iDVD 7.0.2, which provide unspecified compatibility and bug fixes.

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Mac OS X Snow Leopard to Focus on Performance, Not Features

Although most of what was discussed during the WWDC keynote revolved around the iPhone, Apple did let slip a few details about the next version of Mac OS X - code-named Snow Leopard. Don't start looking for new features, though, since Snow Leopard is instead aimed at being one fast cat.

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Back to My Mac Communicates Faults in 10.5.3

Although Apple doesn't mention anything about it in Mac OS X 10.5.3's release notes, Back to My Mac has been enhanced with the addition of troubleshooting messages that give hints to why the remote access service might not be working.