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Adam Engst No comments

Take Control News: Start Preparing for Leopard Now with New Ebooks

Now that Leopard's ship date has been announced, we can release "Take Control of Upgrading to Leopard: Early-Bird Edition" with 60 pages of advice on preparing for your Leopard upgrade and with a free update to the 100+ full ebook as soon as Leopard becomes available.

Matt Neuburg No comments

The Best (and Worst) of Leopard

Leopard is about to pounce! Now that Apple has posted its list of 300 new features, I'm allowed to say which ones I like best (and which one I hate the most).

Joe Kissell Glenn Fleishman No comments

It’s Official: Leopard Ships on October 26th, 2007

Our speculation was correct: Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard will go on sale on Friday, October 26th, 2007. Read on to learn about the specific times, prices, system requirements, and a hint about a Take Control ebook that's coming very soon.

Matt Neuburg No comments

EasyFind 4.0: It’s Easy, It Finds, It’s Free

EasyFind is a utility no one should be without. It's free and it's just been updated, so what are you waiting for?

Adam Engst No comments

Seagate Hybrid Hard Drives Not Mac-Compatible

Much has been said about Seagate's new Momentus 5400 PSD "hybrid hard drives" that put 256 MB of flash RAM into notebook hard drives. But will you be able to install such a drive in your Mac? Adam digs beneath the surface of the press release to learn the answer.

Jeff Carlson No comments

Battery Update 1.3 Addresses MacBook Pro Power

Battery Update 1.3 improves performance of batteries for 15-inch MacBook Pro portables by updating their firmware.

Adam Engst No comments

Leopard Slated for October 26th?

So when is Apple going to ship Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard? Adam delves back into the TidBITS archives and Apple's press release library to determine exactly when previous versions of Mac OS X were announced and released, and then he puts it all together to declare that the most likely date is...

Jeff Carlson No comments

Apple Updates iWork ’08 and Core 2 Duo Mac Firmware

Continuing its recent update spree, Apple has released Keynote 4.0.1, Pages 3.0.1, and Numbers 1.0.1, as well as firmware updates for its Macs that run Intel Core 2 Duo processors.

Jeff Carlson No comments

MacBook, MacBook Pro Software Update 1.0 Enables Journaling

Apple has released MacBook, MacBook Pro Software Update 1.0 to enable journaling on the hard disks of the latest laptop models.

Adam Engst No comments

Daylight Saving Time Rules Fixed for New Zealand

Mac OS X 10.4.10 doesn't know about the new daylight savings time rules that take effect on 30-Sep-07 in New Zealand, but New Zealand Mac users can fix their Macs with a free utility from Glenn Anderson.

Simon C. Leemann No comments

Confusion Over Santa Rosa: What’s in a Name?

The latest iMacs and MacBook Pros have been dubbed the "Santa Rosa" models, but is that accurate? Simon Leemann says not only is it wrong, it's wrong in two different ways. Read on for a look at why Apple's naming scheme is broken, how Intel's marketing efforts are creating confusion, and what hardware is really in those Macs.

Jeff Carlson No comments

Apple Releases iMac, iLife, Pro Application Updates

Apple released a number of bug-fix updates last week: iMac Software Update 1.1, Keyboard Software Update 1.2, Compatibility Update for QuickTime 7.2, iTunes 7.4.1, and Pro Application Support 4.0.2.

Adam Engst No comments

Mac Market Share Rising at Cornell University

Much is often made of Apple's single-digit market share, but we have some direct evidence of a much higher and increasing market share among students living in the dorms at Cornell University. Apple is back in the higher education market!

TidBITS Staff No comments

Apple Releases New Aluminum iMacs, Refreshes Mac mini

Apple has updated the iMac look to be aluminum and glass, and making it significantly thinner, while retaining technical specs that are roughly similar to previous models.

Jeff Carlson No comments

Hardware-Related Updates Follow Apple Announcements

Not long after Steve Jobs left the stage at last week's Apple press event, a succession of small hardware updates began to pop up, some of which applied to the brand-new machines themselves. Affected machines include the new iMac, the new aluminum Apple Keyboard, the Mac Pro, and the latest MacBook Pro models.