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Joe Kissell No comments

Time Machine: The Good, the Bad, and the Missing Features

Leopard's new backup feature finally brings easy backups to the masses. But is it really all that? And when is that backups book of Joe's going to be updated, anyway?

Jeff Carlson No comments

Leopard Early Fixes and Warnings

Now that Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard is released, we're starting to see an expected set of updates and incompatibilities. Login and Keychain Update 1.0 corrects issues with accounts created in early versions of Mac OS X; the new Back to My Mac feature could allow someone with access to your .Mac account to take control of your machine; Apple warns Aperture users not to run the software while Time Machine is performing a backup; and a slew of compatibility updates are also available.

Glenn Fleishman No comments

Screen Sharing with Leopard Extends to Tiger

Leopard lets you share and share alike, offering your system up for remote viewing and control, as well as letting you take control of others' systems (with their permission). But Tiger can play nice, too, through built-in Mac OS X support and Chicken of the VNC.

Matt Neuburg No comments

Six Things I Hate about Leopard

Six things about Leopard I just can't stand. I've been dying to talk about these, and now I'm going to.

Adam Engst No comments

Take Control News: Five Ebooks Launch You into Leopard: Save 30%!

You'll be reading about Leopard in TidBITS for some time, but for significantly more detail about Apple's new operating system, check out the five ebooks we've just published - over 650 pages all told!

Glenn Fleishman No comments

Leopard Simplifies File Sharing

Leopard overhauls file sharing for services like AFP (remembered fondly as AppleShare), Samba, and FTP, while bringing back the long-missed shared folders options. The new approach makes it much easier for any user to share files over a network or the Internet.

Matt Neuburg No comments

Spaces: A First (and Very Happy) Look

What is (or are) Spaces? Will it actually make your life better? Could it be the coolest thing since unsliced bread? Could it be a major reason for upgrading to Leopard? This article introduces the concepts behind Spaces and gets you started using it.

Jeff Carlson No comments

Apple Sells Record Number of Macs for Q4 2007

Apple ended the fourth fiscal quarter of 2007 with a profit of $904 million on revenue of $6.22 billion, led by record sales of 2,164,000 Macs, 10.2 million iPods, and 1.1 million iPhones.

Rich Mogull No comments

How Leopard Will Improve Your Security

Apple has focused a lot of attention on making Leopard more secure, and security analyst Rich Mogull looks at each of the promised features to explain how it will keep your data, your online communications, and your Mac safe.

Sharon Zardetto No comments

Are Your Fonts Ready for Leopard?

If you're still hanging on to Classic, and to fonts that exist only in Classic, this might be a good time to straighten out any old font suitcases that you want to bring forward into Leopard.

Adam Engst No comments

Take Control News: Start Preparing for Leopard Now with New Ebooks

Now that Leopard's ship date has been announced, we can release "Take Control of Upgrading to Leopard: Early-Bird Edition" with 60 pages of advice on preparing for your Leopard upgrade and with a free update to the 100+ full ebook as soon as Leopard becomes available.

Matt Neuburg No comments

The Best (and Worst) of Leopard

Leopard is about to pounce! Now that Apple has posted its list of 300 new features, I'm allowed to say which ones I like best (and which one I hate the most).

Joe Kissell Glenn Fleishman No comments

It’s Official: Leopard Ships on October 26th, 2007

Our speculation was correct: Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard will go on sale on Friday, October 26th, 2007. Read on to learn about the specific times, prices, system requirements, and a hint about a Take Control ebook that's coming very soon.

Matt Neuburg No comments

EasyFind 4.0: It’s Easy, It Finds, It’s Free

EasyFind is a utility no one should be without. It's free and it's just been updated, so what are you waiting for?

Adam Engst No comments

Seagate Hybrid Hard Drives Not Mac-Compatible

Much has been said about Seagate's new Momentus 5400 PSD "hybrid hard drives" that put 256 MB of flash RAM into notebook hard drives. But will you be able to install such a drive in your Mac? Adam digs beneath the surface of the press release to learn the answer.