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Category: Networking

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Penelope Project Ships Eudora 8.0.0b1

After nearly 11 months, the Penelope project has shipped the first public beta of Eudora 8.0, marking the release of something that's functional, but probably more attractive to developers than normal users.

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QuickerTek Expands Inexpensive Wi-Fi Options for Macs

QuickerTek lowers prices and adds options for Mac users who want to add Wi-Fi to Macs without it, or boost the speed of their Wi-Fi networks with the latest 802.11n standard.

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AirPort Extreme Base Station Now Draft N Certified

Apple updates its 802.11n-based AirPort Extreme Base Station to a certified flavor called Draft N to improve compatibility among equipment from many makers.

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Tools We Use: Teleport

The free Teleport utility enables you to control multiple networked Macs from a single keyboard and mouse. It's very cool, and worth using for anyone who wants to use multiple Macs at the same time.

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Sidejack Attack Jimmies Open Gmail, Other Services

"Sidejacking" has entered the lexicon of network attacks. This newly defined term refers to a method of hijacking an in-progress Web session with a remote service - like Gmail - by intercepting and re-using the credentials that identify you to that server. Protecting against sidejacking may take a rethink on the part of Web site operators, users, and browser makers.

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UPS, I Did It Again: Bits Versus Atoms

Our long-time co-location facility, Digital Forest - the folks that house our servers and provide juice, cooling, and connectivity - needed to add additional capacity for their power backup. Even though the large new units would slide through the building, it was unclear whether certain paths along the way were engineered to handle that much point weight. Why not rip open the roof, instead?

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AirPort Base Station Update Tweaks Admin Utilities

A new version of the AirPort Utility and related software fixes minor bugs and improves the password interface.

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New iLife ’08 Revealed, .Mac Upgraded

At last week's press event, Apple took the wraps off the next version of its iLife suite, bumping the name from iLife '06 to iLife '08 and providing a completely new version of iMovie.

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Google Offers Paid Storage Boost for Services

Google bumps storage for Gmail, Picasa, if you're willing to pay $20 to $500 per year for 6 GB to 250 GB of storage.

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AirPort Base Station Upgraded to Gigabit Ethernet

Apple pumps up the speed on its AirPort Extreme Base Station by upgrading its network ports to gigabit Ethernet.

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German Laws Kill KisMAC,Threaten Privacy

The Mac OS X Wi-Fi sniffing software KisMAC has reached the end of its lifespan due to a change in German law, where its developers live, that criminalizes software such as it.

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Apple Releases Mac OS X, Safari 3, and iPhone Security Updates

A trio of security updates block a variety of problems in Mac OS X, Safari 3, and the iPhone, underscoring the shared code between Mac OS X and the iPhone, and between the Mac and Windows versions of Safari.

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AirPort Extreme Update 2007-004 Released

Apple releases an update for AirPort Extreme on certain Intel-based Macs but provides no useful details.

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Missing Sync 4.0 Supports Latest Windows Mobile Devices

The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile 4.0 adds support for Windows Mobile 6 devices, video transfer and playback, and call and SMS logging for access on the Mac.

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Webjimbo Makes Yojimbo Data Web-Accessible

Webjimbo extends the usefulness of data organizer Yojimbo by giving it a Web interface for viewing, searching, and updating stored items.