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Category: Problem Solving

Tonya Engst No comments

Solve Link-Clicking Problems When Reading PDFs

Few people have trouble viewing a PDF, but clicking links in PDFs is another story. If you've ever had trouble clicking a link in a PDF to go to a Web site, or have been nagged incessantly by Adobe Reader about visiting Web sites, read on for how to take control of your PDF-reading software.

Adam Engst No comments

QuicKeys X3 3.2 Updated for Leopard

If you use QuicKeys and are planning to upgrade to Leopard, make sure to install QuicKeys X3 3.2 first to ensure compatibility. You'll also find some new features and welcome bug fixes.

Adam Engst No comments

Apple Remote Desktop 3.2 Fixes Bugs

Apple has released Apple Remote Desktop 3.2 Admin and Client, fixing a variety of nagging bugs, improving performance in several situations, and adding Leopard compatibility.

Adam Engst No comments

GrandPerspective and WhatSize Identify Disk Pigs

When faced with the dreaded "The startup disk is almost full." error message, Adam turns to a pair of free tools for exploring how disk space is being used.

Jeff Carlson No comments

Battery Update 1.3 Addresses MacBook Pro Power

Battery Update 1.3 improves performance of batteries for 15-inch MacBook Pro portables by updating their firmware.

Jeff Carlson No comments

MacBook, MacBook Pro Software Update 1.0 Enables Journaling

Apple has released MacBook, MacBook Pro Software Update 1.0 to enable journaling on the hard disks of the latest laptop models.

Adam Engst No comments

Daylight Saving Time Rules Fixed for New Zealand

Mac OS X 10.4.10 doesn't know about the new daylight savings time rules that take effect on 30-Sep-07 in New Zealand, but New Zealand Mac users can fix their Macs with a free utility from Glenn Anderson.

Simon C. Leemann No comments

Confusion Over Santa Rosa: What’s in a Name?

The latest iMacs and MacBook Pros have been dubbed the "Santa Rosa" models, but is that accurate? Simon Leemann says not only is it wrong, it's wrong in two different ways. Read on for a look at why Apple's naming scheme is broken, how Intel's marketing efforts are creating confusion, and what hardware is really in those Macs.

Jeff Carlson No comments

Apple Releases iMac, iLife, Pro Application Updates

Apple released a number of bug-fix updates last week: iMac Software Update 1.1, Keyboard Software Update 1.2, Compatibility Update for QuickTime 7.2, iTunes 7.4.1, and Pro Application Support 4.0.2.

Adam Engst No comments

DealBITS Discount: Save 20% on Name Munger

If you weren't among our winners of Sonora Graphics' Name Munger utility, you can still save 20 percent through 26-Sep-07.

Rich Mogull No comments

The Ghost in My FileVault

What do you do when gremlins infest your FileVault... and you're many timezones away from home and your backups? Security consultant Rich Mogull shares what it's like to eat your own encrypted dogfood while on the road.

Adam Engst No comments

DealBITS Drawing: Win a Copy of Name Munger

If you find yourself needing to rename lots of files, enter this week's DealBITS Drawing for a copy of Sonora Graphics' Name Munger, which provides a nice graphical interface to the task.

Adam Engst No comments

Yugma Provides Free Web Conferencing

Until Mac OS X 10.5's screen sharing becomes available, check out Yugma for free Web conferencing that works in Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Adam Engst 3 comments

Tools We Use: Teleport

The free Teleport utility enables you to control multiple networked Macs from a single keyboard and mouse. It's very cool, and worth using for anyone who wants to use multiple Macs at the same time.

Adam Engst No comments

Office 2004 11.3.7 Blocks Malicious Memories

Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac has been updated yet again to block potential security issues.