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Category: Security

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CrashPlan and Mozy Modify Pro Options

Two online backup providers have made modifications to the pro versions of their services.

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Backblaze Launches Mac Beta of Online Backup Service

The latest entrant in the world of online backups, Backblaze, has slick new Mac software. Private beta invitations are available to 100 TidBITS readers.

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Apple Confirms Antivirus Software Is (Usually) Unnecessary

Apple inadvertently panicked Mac users this week by releasing an updated support article that recommended antivirus software and then pulling it after negative press reports. Rich Mogull confirms Apple's actual antivirus policy, lays out what happened, and explains why the average Mac user still doesn't need antivirus software.

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Security Tips For Safe Online Holiday Shopping

Shopping online may save you from the dangers of traffic accidents and mall riots, but these tips from Security Editor Rich Mogull will also help ensure a fraud-free holiday season.

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AnchorFree Offers Free VPN for iPhone

Keeping your secrets on open Wi-Fi networks just became easier with the latest from AnchorFree: a free VPN account for your iPhone.

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Are Safari’s New Anti-Phishing Features Useful?

The recent Safari 3.2 update adds two often-requested security features, but do they really make you safer from online fraudsters? Security expert Rich Mogull takes Safari 3.2 on a phishing trip to find out.

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Safari 3.2 Fixes Security Flaws

Apple releases Safari 3.2 to repair vulnerabilities and other problems in all versions of its flagship Web browser.

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Laptop Recovery Software Uses Wi-Fi and Flickr

GadgetTrak releases a Mac OS X laptop-recovery program that uses Wi-Fi positioning to identify a missing machine's location and Flickr to upload images of the thief.

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A Crack in Wi-Fi Security and How To Fix It

Security researchers have found a small hole they can exploit in the weaker of two modern methods of securing Wi-Fi. The problem shouldn't affect home users or small businesses, and there's an easy fix anyone with new enough hardware can apply.

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Securing Your Disks with PGP Whole Disk Encryption

For the first time since the days of Mac OS 9, ordinary Mac users can now encrypt their entire startup disks using a new product from PGP. Joe Kissell examines this new capability to determine if it's the best thing since partitioned hard disks, or just another tool for keeping your data safe.

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EMC Releases MozyPro Backup for Business

Mozy (now part of EMC) has been, for a couple of years, one of the least-expensive ways to back up your Mac online. Now the service has expanded to include a version for businesses with additional features (and, naturally, higher prices).

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TidBITS Outage Causes Editors Outrage

An inexplicable error took us offline for a few hours Tuesday. We're back, mystified, and working to figure out what happened. How can a previously reliable system and two backups all fail?

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Older Mac Pros Toxic or Just Smelly?

A problem with Mac Pros manufactured before 2008 has gained new life after a recent article in a French newspaper claims the machines are emitting volatile organic compounds, including the carcinogen benzene.

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Monster List of Mac Backup Software Updated

New and updated backup programs have been coming out of the woodwork, and Joe Kissell recently updated his online list to reflect the latest truth.

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SugarSync Sweetens Online Syncing

This recently updated service offers nicely implemented, cross-platform, online file synchronization. But the coolest part is their new iPhone app, which lets you do tricks like emailing files on your computer from your phone.