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Apple Acknowledges Guest Account Data Loss Bug

With user complaints piling up since September, Apple has now publicly acknowledged a nasty data-destroying bug related to using the guest account in Snow Leopard. Show full article

Microsoft Extends Support for Office 2004

Microsoft will extend Mainstream Support for Office 2004, originally slated to reach end-of-life status on 13-Oct-2009, until 10-Jan-2012.Show full article

In App Purchase Enables Free App Feature Unlocking

At long last, Apple has made it possible for iPhone developers to distribute a free version of an app and use the new In App Purchase feature to buy content and unlock features.Show full article

Gmail Further Foolproofs Group Emailing

Ever include the wrong person in an email message to a group? Gmail can now help you out, with a new Google Labs feature that alerts you when it appears you've included an erroneous recipient.Show full article

Google Docs Adds Shared Folders for Easier Collaboration

Collaborating with others via Google Docs has just gotten a little easier, thanks to Google's addition of shared folders. Adam looks into the feature and finds a few odd behaviors for people accustomed to how folders work in Mac OS X.Show full article

Protect Yourself from Adobe Acrobat and Reader Vulnerabilities

All users should immediately patch Adobe Acrobat and Reader and, due to Adobe's ongoing string of major security flaws, should set Apple's Preview as their default PDF reader.Show full article

Find My (Wife's) iPhone

While Tonya trained for a 100-mile bike ride this summer, Adam monitored her location from afar via Find My iPhone. Privacy breach? No, just making her feel more comfortable about being all alone many miles from home.Show full article

Tracking Down Snow Leopard's Apple Events Bug

You may think you don't care about Apple events, but they're everywhere, and on Snow Leopard they're ever so slightly broken, in a way that causes intermittent random-looking scripting failures. Here's how the bug was discovered, proved, and reported to Apple.Show full article

iPod nano Delivers Static in Radio Interface and Features

Colleagues seem alarmed by Glenn's antipathy to the iPod nano's analog FM radio tuning. But by failing to leverage data in the radio stream, Apple delivers a typical and irritating experience - compared to what it could have been.Show full article

1,000 Issues of TidBITS: It's All about Our Readers

We've hit the decimal 1K of issues, enumerated as M in Roman numerals, 1111101000 in binary, and woo-hoo in English! Adam shares where we're at these days, and explains how we now determine success.Show full article

TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates through 19-Oct-09

Notable software releases this week include Acorn 2.1, Nisus Writer Pro 1.4, Phone Amego 1.0.8, Snapz Pro X 2.2.1, Performance Update 1.0, Airfoil 3.4, Cocktail 4.5.2, Evernote for Mac 1.5, Logic Pro 9.0.2, iMovie '09 8.0.5, SuperDuper 2.6.2, and Carbon Copy Cloner 3.3.Show full article

ExtraBITS for 19-Oct-09

Read on for a collection of links to a few of the most interesting articles and resources that the TidBITS staff discovered on the Web this week.Show full article

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk for 19-Oct-09

This week's discussions focus on Time Machine backups being deleted unexpectedly, unlocking iPhones after the service contract is up, connecting a digital camera via a USB keyboard, the future of Quicken, permissions problems when synchronizing folders, merging events in iPhoto, recommending a webcam for a relative, and working around a damaged audio-in port.Show full article

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