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No Email Issue on 28 May 2012 for Memorial Day

We’re taking a brief break from building an email issue of TidBITS next week in honor of the Memorial Day holiday in the United States, so look for the next issue in your mailbox on 4 June 2012.Show full article

Apple Releases Security Updates for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

Two Leopard-specific security releases from Apple bring a Flashback malware removal tool and protection from exposure to vulnerabilities in older versions of Adobe Flash.Show full article

QuickTime Format Extender Perian to Cease Development

With the cessation of development and support of Perian, Mac users will eventually need to find a new way to play many otherwise unsupported video file formats. With choices including NicePlayer, UMPlayer, MPlayer, and VLC, which should you choose, when changes by Apple finally render Perian obsolete?Show full article

OpenDNS Blocks Flashback and Other Threats

How can changing your DNS server make your Mac — or a Mac owned by a family member — less prone to being attacked, phished, or subverted? OpenDNS blocks malicious sites, which helps both before and after malware is discovered.Show full article

Find Your App, and Keep It Found

Do you find yourself launching apps on your iOS device by searching for them in Spotlight because you can’t remember where their icons are on your Home screen? Read on to learn how to sniff out wayward apps scattered across your iOS device, and keep them found.Show full article

FileMaker Pro 12 Updates Themes and Layout Capabilities

A new file format and few new features make this a visually attractive but less-than-essential update to the long-standing database program from Apple subsidiary FileMaker, Inc.Show full article

TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 21 May 2012

Notable software releases this week include GraphicConverter 8.0 and TextWrangler 4.0.1.Show full article

ExtraBITS for 21 May 2012

Just a couple of quick multimedia bits for you this week — Adam talking about security on the Tech Night Owl podcast and a video about how Pixar almost lost “Toy Story 2” to a bad backup.Show full article

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