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Check out the hottest hardware and software from Macworld Boston, ShareVision’s $1500 video-conferencing system and Gryphon’s $149 image morphing program, Morph. Eric Schlegel shares more information on WorldScript, and we look at what’s coming to the PowerBook line this fall, along with a quick peek at the best PowerBook gadgets from Macworld and the second part of Mark Anbinder’s piece on System 7.1 technologies.

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Mark H. Anbinder passes on this tidbit. Apparently Claris has released a maintenance upgrade to MacWrite II to fix a bug that caused the program to crash when spell-checking a document under 32-bit addressing while running on systems with 16 MB of RAM or more during a full moon

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New PowerBooks

I've been remiss in not reporting this information more promptly, but caution has its uses. Apple introduced the PowerBook 145 at Macworld as expected, and equally as expected, it sports two features over the old 140 - a 25 MHz 68030 and a lower list price, both of which should endear it to users now that Apple has it slotted to become the low-end PowerBook

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One of the coolest demos at Macworld didn't appear on the floor, but was shown at Apple's System Software Showcase at the Boston Computer Museum. ShareVision Technology showed an unnamed video-conferencing system for the rest of us, one which we'll call ShareVision as well for simplicity's sake

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The response from almost everyone when I asked what they found to be cool at the show was one word - Morph. In many ways, Morph, from Gryphon Software, is similar to ShareVision because it provides a sophisticated capability, image morphing in this case, at an incredibly low price. Most people probably don't know what morphing is, but many of you have seen it in "Terminator II" when the newer model of the Terminator changed from the silvery humanoid form to mimic a police officer or whatnot

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Apple Futures II

[continued from TidBITS-137/10-Aug-92] OCE -- One of the most-discussed technologies in the works is Apple's Open Collaboration Environment, or OCE. Apple intends this engine, which has also been known as AppleMail, to provide developers with a core set of routines for Mac-to-Mac and user-to-user communications

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Portable Toys

Among the more noticeable Macworld products were a number of goodies that will only interest the 300,000-odd people who have splurged on a PowerBook. Let's face, the little beasties are extremely cool, incredibly useful, and cute as the dickens (not that I suspect Charles Dickens was particularly cute)

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WorldScript Clarifications

I wanted to clear up some misinformation in the recent article on WorldScript that claims that WorldScript depends on QuickDraw GX; this is not true. WorldScript is a built-in part of System 7.1 out of the box, and it doesn't need GX to run. Actually, many people seem to be confused about exactly what WorldScript is