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New Macs? Yup, but the Apple Workgroup Servers may not knock your socks off. David Blatner’s essential "Desktop Publisher’s Survival Kit" from Peachpit Press stands a better chance. We also have two reports from user group land, including a new Internet SIG of the Boston Computer Society, and a sad story of online unpleasantness. Digital sex crops up again, and if you think that’s exciting, check out the new Apple Internet Router upgrade. Whee!

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I'm trying something new. Since I receive a ton of information that doesn't warrant detailed exploration in TidBITS, I'm starting a new section called TwoBITS that will address deserving announcements but will do so in only two sentences (and contact info)

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Practical Peripherals announced significant price cuts on various modem models. Perhaps the most interesting reduction is the PM14400FXMT, a v.everything external data/fax modem whose list price dropped from $399 to $299. Practical Peripherals -- 805/497-4774 -- 805/374-7272 (fax) After Dark Module Contest '93 -- Entries are now available from Berkeley Systems for their 1993 contest for best After Dark module in each of three categories: Macintosh, Windows, and Computer Artist

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Nisus Terminology

Jim Bates from Nisus Technical Support wrote to tell us that they prefer to use the term "hardware enabling" when talking about the ADB-based hardware copy protection device, colloquially called a "dongle." Jim also mentioned that he had read somewhere that "dongle" stems from the name of the man who invented it, Don Gill

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Virtual Sex?

Although Tonya Engst's book review of "Silicon Mirage" wasn't specifically intended to cover the topic of "virtual sex," some points need to be clarified

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Apple Workgroup Servers

Last week Apple introduced three new flavors of Macintosh, the Apple Workgroup Servers 60, 80, and 95. They closely resemble their cousins, the existing Centris 610, Quadra 800, and Quadra 950, much as the Performa 200, 400, and 600 closely resemble the Classic II, LC II, and IIvx. Old Macs telling a new story -- The Apple Workgroup Servers (AWS) 60 and 80 represent the low- and medium-end of what you can buy

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BCS Internet SIG

The Boston Computer Society, the world's largest computer user group, has created an Internet Special Interest Group (ISIG) in response to increased interest in the Internet, without doubt the coolest thing happening in communication today

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A Tale of Two Cities

The world's largest Macintosh user group, Berkeley-based BMUG, recently set up a second bulletin board system across the country in Boston. Boston, of course, is home to the other big Mac user group, the Macintosh arm of the Boston Computer Society (BCS)