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Apple throws more software into the pot with LaserWriter 8.1.1 and the System Update 2.0.1, the latter of which replaces the Hardware System Update 1.0 and 2.0, and of course with the release of System 7 Pro, which includes PowerTalk, AppleScript, and QuickTime. Dale Southard reviews the PSI PowerModem IV, Akimbo updates FullWrite, we look at some Newton synonyms, and I announce the creation of, although you may still have to use the IP number.

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I took it on the chin last week for my comment that the overseas upgrade phone number for the Newton wouldn't be that useful because the Newton only understands English, thus implying that people speak English only in the U.S

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FullWrite has been upgraded by Akimbo Systems, the company that rescued the popular word processor from the depths of Borland after Borland purchased Ashton-Tate

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Tom Phoenix

Tom Phoenix writes: My coworker and I tried to install the LaserWriter 8.0 software downloaded from CompuServe. Halfway through the install we got an ominous error alert reading, "Decompressor Atom has Expired." The fine print on the alert box read, "c1992 Glen Canyon Software, Inc." That made us wonder: Have Apple's programmers forgotten to pay their shareware fees? So we called Apple's help line at 800/SOS-APPL, and were told that we could install successfully by setting the system clock back to a date before 01-Oct-93, installing, and then setting the clock forward again

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Pro Conflicts

Pro Conflicts -- Early reports indicate that some software compatible with System 7.1 may not work properly with System 7 Pro (see article below), and that some older software may need to be upgraded to the current version

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Internet Starter Kit News

I've been hearing that people have had trouble finding my book in bookstores, which irks me since all I can do to help is to suggest that you explain to the bookstore why they should carry it and ask them to order a few copies from Hayden

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System 7 Pro Ships

Technical Support Coordinator, BAKA Computers It's a little less than a year since Apple split Macintosh system software users into two groups, and they've done it again

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Yet Another System Update

The dust still hasn't settled from the recent releases of the Hardware System Update 2.0 and the Software Utility Update 1.0, but Apple last week released a new collection of patches and utilities dubbed "System Update 2.0.1." This collection incorporates enhancements from the two previous versions of Hardware System Update (1.0 and 2.0) and some further enhancements

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Newton Synonyms

Pythaeus and some MessagePad-pioneering readers have passed along this list of commands and their synonyms supported by the Newton Intelligence system

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PSI PowerModem IV

It wasn't my first choice. That's an odd way to start a review, but I was not planing to purchase a PSI modem. I was, though, planning to leave on a trip and since at the time the other PowerBook modem manufacturer was still promising a release date of Real Soon Now [of course, now there are several internal PowerBook modems to choose from -Adam], I settled for the PSI PowerModem IV (currently about $360 mail order). Hardware -- The PowerModem IV is a 14,400 bps data, 14,400 bps send/receive fax modem with v.32 error correction and v.32bis compression that provide a maximum theoretical throughput of 57,600 bps