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In honor of Independence Day, we have two essays about issues surrounding personal freedoms, copyright and encryption. If more technical information is to your liking, Mark Anbinder reports on the LaserWriter 810 coming off the disabled list and a new company being formed from the old Advanced Software. Finally, an article talking about all of Apple’s Internet resources fills out the issue.

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Sorry this issue is a day late. Between Independence Day (a solemn American holiday during which we attempt to affirm our proud heritage by blowing things up) and finishing the second edition of Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh, there wasn't time

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Software and Support

Software and Support -- We've been thinking about the relationship between good software design and technical support, and rather than blather about it and then run follow-up articles, we are requesting opinions from those who have shipped software products

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AOL TCP/IP Updated

AOL TCP/IP Updated -- America Online has a new version of its client software, complete with a non-expiring TCP tool. It is, however, still in beta, and thus may have problems and is not supported by the telephone tech support folks

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LaserWriter Taken Off Suspension

Director of Technical Services, Baka Industries Inc. The LaserWriter Pro 810 printer was on quality hold for several weeks while Apple investigated an unusual number of problem reports, but the company has announced that the printer is again available

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Apple Internet Plans?

Happily, it turns out that the rumor from Pythaeus in TidBITS-231 about Open Transport not being backwardly compatible with MacTCP is false. Instead, Apple will support the MacTCP API for some time to ensure that current applications don't break

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Prairie Group Grows

The Prairie Group, the same Midwest-based investors who brought us PrairieSoft last year (see TidBITS-188), now introduces Advanced Software, L.C., the Group's second operating company

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Encryption Quagmire Ahead For Education?

Recent postings in the Electronic Frontier Foundation forums have reported that MIT, ViaCrypt, RSA, and Phil Zimmerman have reached an agreement on the encryption system Phil has been distributing, called Pretty Good Privacy, or PGP, so that the current version, PGP v

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Your Work On TV? A View From The USA

The pictures are familiar. Television reporters find online messaging easy to quote, and easy for a camera crew to reproduce. The Internet boom has TV reporters reaching a critical mass in their efforts to translate the net for broadcasting